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    All my Basketball must go, take them please

    I am done with basketball. I am looking to get rid of all my basketball cards. I have begun listing some of the over 30,000 cards I have not counting the sets.

    1. Would prefer to sell and they will be cheap
    2. Would trade for Deion Sanders baseball or fb 2004 and up gu/autos/inserts/base I may need. Please provide a list
    3. FB gu or autos really about any
    4. Some baseball gu, please tell me what you have to offer and what you want in return, Im not real concerned about exact bv of my basketball when getting rid of it.
    5. FB 06 good rookes, no score, topps, or fleer
    6. FB stars LT, Manning, Brady, Favre, other good RB and QBs
    7. Basketball from 87,88,89 Fleer Basketball to finish sets
    8. Fb inserts
    9. I would trade in your favor for better stuff Im looking for

    Have the following singles and player lots for trade or sale. Lots contain a variety of years and brands, Topps, Fleer, UD, Skybox, UD Glass, EX just for examples. The lots are mostly base cards, however there are low dollar inserts and rookies in many of the lots. You can take some or you can take all of a player just let me know what you need.

    $$ will sell cheap (postage based on number of cards) For example I sold the Bill Lambeer lot, 43 cards, for 40 cents plus shipping.

    Here is the list I have so far.

    Abdul-Rahim, Shareef 60
    Ainge, Danny 50
    Anderson, Kenny 75
    Anderson, Nick 10
    Anthony, Greg 40
    Armstrong, BJ 25
    Augmon, Stacey 50
    Baker, Vin 25
    Barkley, Charles 75
    Battier, Shane 13
    Bird, Larry 35
    Bogues, Mugsy 50
    Bol, Manute 20
    Bradley, Shaun 30
    Brand, Elton 50
    Brown, Dee 35
    Butler, Caron 15
    Camby, Marcus 20
    Cassell, Sam 25
    Chaney, Calbert 15 (almost all rookies)
    Chapman, Rex 20
    Coleman, Derrick 60
    Crawfors, Jamal 7
    Day, Todd 15
    Dawkins, Johnny 10
    Drexler, Clyde 100
    Dumars, Joe 50
    Duncan, Tim 30
    Elliott, Sean 25
    Ewing, Patrick 300
    Finley, Michael 100
    Francis, Steve 50
    Gill, Kendall 25
    Grant, Horace 50
    Gugliotta, Tom 25
    Hardaway, Anfernee 50
    Hawkins, Hersey 25
    Hill, Grant 100
    Houston, Allan 40
    Howard, Juwan 40
    Hurley, Bobby 15
    Jackson, Jim 75
    Jamison, Antwaan 25
    Jefferson, Richard 6
    Johnson, Kevin 75
    Johnson, Larry 75
    Kemp, Shaun 200
    Kerr, Steve 25
    Kidd, Jason 100
    Laettner, Christian 75
    Lewis, Reggie 30
    Macon, Mark 5 all rookies
    Maggette, Corey 15
    Malone, Moses 20
    Manning, Danny 25
    Marbury, Stephon 25
    Marshall, Donyell 25
    Mashburn, Jamal 60
    Malone, Karl 50
    Marian, Shawn 8
    Martin, Kenyon 20
    McDaniel, Xavier 25
    McDyess, Antonio 25
    McHale, Kevin 20
    Miles, Darius 50
    Miller, Andre 20
    Miller, Reggie 40
    Minor, Harold 10 (mostly rookies)
    Montross, Eric 15 (mostly rookies)
    Mourning, Alonzo 250
    Mutumbo, Dikembe 200
    Mullin, Chris 200
    Nash, Steve 6
    Nowitki, Dirk 8
    Owens, Billy 25
    Payton, Gary 100
    Parrish, Robert 25
    Paxson, John 15
    Pierce, Paul just inserts
    Pippen, Scottie 250
    Porter, Terry 15
    Price, Mark 20
    Rice, Gleen 40
    Ritchmond, Mitch 75
    Richardson, Jason 10
    Robinson, David 300
    Robinson, Glenn 75
    Rodman, Dennis 75
    Rose, Jalen 40
    Salley, John 25
    Scott, Dennis 20
    Smith, Joe 10
    Smith, Kenny 20
    Smith, Steve 50
    Stockton, John 75
    Stoudamire, Amare 13
    Stoudamire, Damon 25
    Szcerbiak, Wally 15
    Terry, Jason 15
    Thomas, Isaih 125
    Walker, Antoine 10
    Wallace, Ben 8
    Wallace, Rasheed 20
    Ward, Charlie 20
    Weatherspoon, Clarence 25
    Wilcox, Chris 10
    Wilkins, Dominique 100
    Williams, Walt 25

    TJ Ford Bazooka rookie Jersey,
    Al Jefferson Topps Chrome rookie 2 color Patch 206/400,
    Tracy McGrady Topps Matrix game used jersey
    Yao Ming Upperseck Slam jersey
    Yao Ming Ex jersey 03-04
    Walker/Smith/Childress Luxury box triple jersey 11/450 05
    Carmelo Anthony Topps Chrome jersey 564/1000,
    Tracy McGrady Upperdeck jersey,
    Dwight Howard 06 Bazooka jersey small crease by jersey
    Gilbert Arenas 06 Bowman jersey
    Kevin garnett 06 Topps Chrome jersey 241/400
    Sean May 06 UD Materilization jersey
    Steve Francis 05 Finest jersey red refractor 20/59
    Sebastian Telfair 05 Trilogy jersey
    Chauncey Billups Topps Chrome 06 refractor jersey 40/99Jay Williams/Tyson Chandler 03 UD Dual jerseys
    Michael Redd 06 UD Debut jersey
    Allen Iverson 03-04 EX jersey

    1971 Oscar Robertson AS, bv 20
    Jason Kidd Topps Chrome jersey 714/782,
    Dejaun Wagner Fleer Authentix rookie 1061/1250,
    Emeka Okafor Toops Bazooka Comic 17/23,
    1977 Topps Elvin Hayes,
    1971 Topps Walt Hazzard,
    1971 Topps Don Chaney,
    Shaquille Oneal 1993 Classic Images foil rookie SI 9
    Chris Webber classics rookie,
    Ray Allen Skybox Z Force rookie,
    Chris Duhon Bazooka rookie,
    Grant Hill Upperdeck rookie,
    Gary Payton Skybox rookie,
    Kevin Garnett Fleer Futures Hot Commodities,
    TJ Ford MVP rookie,
    Nick Collison Prostine rookie 375/999,
    Vince Carter Upperdeck Gold Strike,
    Kobe Bryant Upperdeck Gold Strike,
    Luke Ridnour Fleer Cream of the Crop rookie,
    Lamar Odom Reflections parallel 84/100,
    Mike Sweetney Ultra Lucky 13 rookie,
    Skybox Costas Brothers Poster set,
    Shaquille Oneal Upperdeck McDonalds rookie,
    Jason Kidd Ultra rookie,
    Glenn Robinson Hoops rookie
    Michael Jordan Upperdec Monumental moments
    Anfernee Harday Hoops rookie,
    Antwan Jamison Sportsnut unscratched,
    Shaquille Oneal Fleer Hardcourt Tributes,
    Allan Houston Hoops rookie,
    Ben Gordon Topps rookie,
    Chris Wilcox UD rookie 413/999,
    Luke Walton Bowman rookie,
    John Salmons Topps Chrome rookie
    Josh Childress Press Pass rookie,
    Jason Kidd Classic rookie
    1978 Topps Jo Jo White,
    1981 Darrylk Dawkins Topps,
    1981 Topps Vinnie Johnson,
    Derrick Coleman Hoops rookie,
    Luke Ridnour MVP rookie,
    Nick Collison Fleer Playground rules,
    Tim Thomas Impulse rookie,
    Dejuan Wagner Fleer Hot Shots 11/12,
    1981 Topps Artis Gilmore,
    Dan Dickau Platinum rookie,
    Kobe Bryant Upperdeck Superstars,
    Shaquille Oneal Fleer Focus 20/20,

    David Robinson Skybox rookie,
    gary Payon Hoops rookie,
    Kendall Gill Hoops rookie,
    Alonzo Mourning Ultra rookie,
    Dwayne Wade Upperdeck Exclusives rookie,
    Shaquille oneal Classic Images rookie SI 9,
    Karl Malone/Charles Barkley Stadium Club Nemesis,
    Elton Brand Skybox rookie
    , Mike Sweetney MVP rookie,
    Chris Kaman MVP rookie,
    Patrick Ewing 92 Ultra All-NBA,
    Jarvis Hayes Fleer Playground rules,
    Travis Outlaw Fleer Playground rules,
    David Robinson Upperdeck Fastbreak Connections,
    Mitch Ritchmond Skybox rookie
    Kevin Johnson Hoops rookie
    Jarvis Hayes UD Exclusives rookie
    Mitch Ritchmond Topps Shooting Stars,
    1981 Topps Julius Erving Team leaders
    Nick Collison Platinum rookie
    Kobe Bryant 1996 All Sport rookie
    Shaquille Oneal Stadium Club Extreme Corps,
    1981 Topps bob Lanier
    Devin Harris Bazooka Comics,
    Michael Redd Bazooka Comics,
    1977 Topps Artis Gilmore
    Miciej lampe topps pristine rookie,
    Michael Finley Fleer triple Crown Triple Threats
    Reece Gaines Bowman rookie,
    Hedu Terkoglu Upperdeck Gold 21/100
    Joseph Forte Topps Expectations rookie
    1978 Topps Wes Unseld,
    John Wooden Fleer Greats,
    1981 Topps Phil Ford,
    Allan Houston Classic rookie,
    Anfernee Hardawya Hoops rooke,
    Kendrick perkins Upperdeck Standing O rookie,
    Tim Hardaway Upperdeck Gold Mine,
    James Singleton Topps Chrome rookie
    Chris Kaman Fleer Throwback Threads rookie,
    Kobe Bryant Topps Rock and Rhythm,
    Shaun Livingston Topps rookie
    Jason Kidd Skybox rookie,
    TJ Ford bazooka rookie parallel,
    Baron Davis Sportsnut unscratched,
    Kevin Garnett Skybox Premium Ninety Fine,
    Jamal Mashburn Stadium Club rookie,
    Darko Milicic MVP rookie,
    Stromile Swift Fleer Triple Crown Heir Force,
    Jay Williams Upperdeck Electric Company,
    Jarvis Hayes Flair New Wave
    1981 Michael Cooper Topps,
    1981 Topps Otis Birdsong,
    Eddie Griffin Topps Chrome rookie,
    Brent Barry Topps Stadium Club rookie,
    Reggie Evans Topps Chrome rookie,
    Jason Richardson Fleer authentix Courtside Classics insert 7/10

    Jermaine Oneal 97 UD Hardcourt Classics rookie
    Jermaine Oneal 97 Skybox Z Force rookie
    Chauncey Billups 98 Topps Dp, DP3
    Corey Magette 99 Dominion rookie
    Jermaine Oneal 96-97 Fleer rookie
    Bobby Hurley Stadium Club rookie
    Rasheed Wallace Stadium Club rookie
    Richard Hamilton 99 Skybox Premium rookie
    Derek Fisher 97 Upperdeck, rookie I believe
    LaPhonso Ellis 93 Hoops Draft Redemption
    Dick Vitale 94 Classic
    Rasheed Wallace UD Choice rookie
    Rasheed Wallace Topps rookie
    Kenny Anderson Wild Card 92 10 stripe
    Rasheed Wallace Metal rookie
    Danny Ferry Skybox rookie
    Corey Magette Victory rookie
    Elton Brand Bowmans Best rookie
    BJ Tyler 95 Ultra all rookie
    Larry Hughs 99 Hoops Y2K Corps 7/10
    Jumaine Jones UD Ovation rookie
    Andrei Kirilinko 03 Topps Chrome white border refractor 4/249
    Ron Artest 03 Topps Justice of the Court
    John Starks 94 Ultra Inside Outside
    Brian Grant 00 Focus DP 94/100
    Rex Chapman Hoops rookie
    Trajen Langdon Impact rookie
    Grant Hill 01 Focus 20/20
    Stephon Marbury 01 Focus 20/20
    Nene 03 Hot prospects Supreme Court
    Ben Wallace Topps Justice of the Court
    Kevin McHale 94 Star

    04 UD Legends
    George Gervin, Drexler, Nate Archibald, Jerry Lucas, Kurt Rambis, Wes Unseld, John Havlicek, Willis Reed, Robert Parish, Moses Malone, Pat Riley, Clark Kellogg, Lenny Wilkins, Walt Frazier, Jim Paxson, Bob Lanier, Nate Thurmond, Dave Cowens, Dan Issel, George Mikan

    Michael Jordan 93-94 Stadium Club
    Kobe Bryant 96 Scoreboard rookie
    Mike Bibby Topps rookie
    Troy Murphy Genuine rookie 665/1000
    Kevin garnett 04 UD NTCD
    Kevin Garnett 97 SPx
    Michael Jordan 03 MVP
    Michael Jordan 90 Fleer
    Ray Allen 97 UD Rookie Exclusives R7
    Carmelo Anthony 04 Fleer NTCD
    Nick Collison 03-04 Hoops Cream of the Crop
    Nick Collison Bazooka rookie gold
    Anfernee Hardawy Topps 95 Top Flight

    Shaq 03-04 Avant
    Kevin Garnett Stadium Club rookie
    Jason Kidd 94 Classic PTPers foil
    Chris Wilcox UD Future Perfect rookie 95/999
    Akeem Olajuwan 88 Starting Lineup
    Patrick Ewing 88 Starting Lineup
    Dominique Wilkins 88 Starting Lineup
    Charles Barkley 90 Starting Lineup
    Kobe Bryant 02 Fleer Exclusives
    Yao Ming 03 UD
    Jerry Stackhouse Fleer Metal rookie

    Mark price 93 UD All Division
    Shareef Rahim 97 Stadium Club rookie
    Kenyon Martin 00 UD rookie
    Tarlac Dragan 01 Black Diamond rookie Bulls 1626/2000
    Eddie Griffin Stadium rookie
    Eddie Curry 01 Hit rarefied rookie 1015/2001
    Jermaine Oneal Hoops rookie
    1979 Topps George gervin
    1979 Topps Artis Gilmore
    Frank Williams MVP rookie
    Kareem Rush 02 Press Pass Hang Time die cut
    Ryan Humphrey 02 Ovation rookie 260/2999
    Sherman Douglas hoops rookie
    Laphonso Ellis UD rookie
    Adam Keefe Ultra rookie
    Jeff Foster 99 UD rookie class
    Bostjan Nachbar MVP rookie
    Jason Williams (heat guard) Black Diamond rookie
    Rodney Rodgers 94 UD Rookie Exchange
    Marcus Camby UD SP Premiere prospects
    Andre Iguodala 04 UD R-Class
    Baron Davis Dominion rookie
    Corey magette Topps rookie
    Jason Terry Topps rookie
    Devin Harris Topps rookie
    Emeka Okafor Topps rookie
    Sebastian Telfair Topps rookie
    Andre Iguodala Topps rookie
    Shaun Livinston Topps rookie
    Ben Gordon Topps rookie
    Josh Childress Topps rookie
    Josh Smith Topps rookie
    Raymond Felton Topps rookie
    Rashad mcCants Topps rookie

    Willie Green 04 UD Honors rookie 887/2999
    Jim Jackson Hoops rookie
    06 Topps Dirk/Terry?Howard Pride of the Program
    Richard Jefferson Hit rookie
    Richard Hamilton Dominion rookie
    Richard Hamilton 02 Stadium Photographers Proof 462/500
    Nick Collison Topps rookie
    Raef Lafrenz Topps rookie
    Jalen Rose Ultra rookie
    Jonathan Bender 99 Skybox premium rookie
    Ron Artest Fleer Tradition rookie
    Shaun Marian 02 Maximum Big Shots
    Drew Gooden MVP Sportsnuts Unscratched
    Mike Bibby 03 Flair Court Kings
    Kenyon Martin 02 Exclusives Letter Perfect
    Vince Carter Edge 99 Gold Ingot
    Shannon Brown 06/7 Bowman rookie
    Rodney carney 06/7 Bowman rookie
    Lamercus Aldridge 06/7 Bowman rookie
    Moses malone 01 UD Legends
    Wilt Chamberlin 01 Fleer Greats
    Paul Pierce/Walker 02 Topps Top Tandems
    Troy Bell Topps Chrome rookie
    Josh Childress 04 Fleer Signing Day
    Sebastian Telfair 04 Fleer signing day
    Kendrick Perkins 04 Skybox LE rookie Gold Proof 134/150
    Reggie Miller 04 Skybox LE Gold Proof 73/150
    Boris Diaw Bazooka rookie
    Dejuan Wagner 03 Topps Chrome The Move
    Sebastian Telfair Press Pass rookie
    Antonio Burks Topps Chrome rookie
    Antoine Wright UD Slam rookie
    Carlos Boozer/Dunleavy 04 Topps All Star support
    Antonio McDyess Topps Black Border 357/500
    Carlos Boozer 04 Topps Great Expectations
    Mike Sweetney 04 Topps Great Expectations
    Sam Cassell/Ray Allen Topps All Star support
    JR Smith Tradition Signing Day
    Andris Biedrins Tradition Signing Day
    Eddy Curry 02 Honor Roll Fab Fives
    Michael Finley 99 UD Jam Time
    Larry Bird 01 Fleer greats
    Jim Valvano 01 Fleer Greats Coaches Corner
    Jackie Robinson 91 UCLA
    Kareem Jabbar 94 Ted Williams
    Wilt Chamberlin 02 UD Generations
    Luke Walton Bowman rookie
    Desmond mason MVP rookie
    Jason Terry Hoops rookie
    Jumaine Jones Bowmans Best rookie
    Isaiah Rider Ultra rookie, Hoops rookie
    1979 Topps Darryl Dawkins
    Andre Miller Hoops rookie
    Bobby Jackson MVP Monumental Moments
    Kareem Rush Hot Prospects Hot Shots
    Oscar Robinsonn 00 UD Legends
    Mike Bibby Press Pass rookie
    Wilt Chamberlin 01 Fleer All American 11 of 14
    Avery Johnson MVP Extremes
    Dawn Staley Dominion Supreme Court
    Jalen Rose UD Choice Crash Gold
    Jalen Rose UD Lightning Strikes
    Ron Mercer Dominion Game Day
    Andre Miller Fleer Triple Threats
    Nick Collison Tradition rookie
    TJ Ford Topps rookie
    Luke Ridnour UD Hardcourt rookie 393/1999
    Kevin Garnett Topps Black Border 388/500
    Reece Gaines Fleer Playground rules
    Jarvis Hayes MVP Sportsnut unscratched
    Baron Davis MVP Rising to Occasion
    Luke Ridnour MVP rookie
    Kendall Gill Skybox rookie
    Jamal Mashburn Hoops rookie
    Carmelo Anthony Bazooka mini rookie
    Nick Collison Topps rookie
    Chris Wilcox Authentix rookie 1063/1250
    David Robinson 95 Topps HC13 unpeeled
    Gary Payton UD Pros/Prospects ProActive
    Pat Riley 01 Fleer Greats
    Tim Duncan MVP Monumental Moments
    Allen Iverson 97 Skybox The Answer reebok insert
    78 Topps Paul Westphal
    73 Topps Matt Goukis
    73 Topps Norm Van Lier
    74 Topps Wes Unseld
    74 Topps Jo Jo White
    72 Topps Matt Goukis
    78 Topps Earl Monroe
    79 Topps Dennis Johnson
    1981 Topps
    Dennis Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychael Thompson, Atlanta Hawks Leaders, Cleveland Leaders, Sonics leaders, Calvin Natt, Darryl Dawkins, Alex English, Nate Archibald, Adrian Dantley, Jim Paxson, Bernard King, bob Lanier, Jack Sikma

    Tracey McGrady Bazooka Comic
    Jermaine Oneal Scoreboard rookie
    Julius Erving 00 UD Legends History of the Dunk
    Gilbert Arenas MVP rookie bv 5.00
    Jamal Mashburn Skybox Draft Pick DP4
    Allan Houston Skybox DP11
    Eddie Jones 95 Ultra All rookie team
    Jerry Stackhouse 96 Fleer all rookies
    Michael Finley Flair rookie
    Shareef Rahim Hoops rookie 1 of 30
    Karl Malone SP Authentic 01 Spectacular
    Corey Magette 00 UD Rookies Illustrated
    Elton Brand 00 UD True Talents
    John Stocton MVP Theatre
    Chris Kaman MVP rookie
    Elton Brand Topps Tipoff rookie
    Elton Brand Skybox Premium rookie
    Steve Francis UD High Definition
    Hidayet Turkoglu Fleer rookie
    Donyell Marshall 94 UD Choice Lottery Picks
    Jordan/Stackhouse 96 Metal Stackhouse Scrapbook
    Mike Bibby 98 Press Pass Double Threat Die Cut Plastic card
    Gerald Wallace Stadium rookie
    Steven Hunter Stadium rookie
    Alonzo Mourning Topps rookie
    Alonzo Mourning Hoops rookie
    Rodney Rodgers Skybox Draft Picks
    Matt Harpring Ultra rookie
    Jerry Stackhouse UD Choice silver rookie
    Corey magette Skybox Premium rookie
    Reggie Miller UD Choice Starquest Blue
    Jim Jackson Skybox DP4
    Jim Jackson 96 Ultra Scoring Kings
    Mitch Ritchmond 97 Hoops hot list, plastic card
    Paul Pierce Impact Rewind 99
    Chris Mihm Bowmans Best rookie Locker room Collection
    Alonzo Mourning 94 Ultra Rebound King
    Paul Pierce 02 Stadium Hustlers
    Antoine Walker 98 Fleer Ingredient Gold
    Jerry Stackhouse 97 Topps, Topps 40
    Paul Pierce 99 Stadium Club Wing Men
    Chris Bosh UD Exclusives rookie
    Reggie Miller 99 Topps Legacies
    Reggie Miller 96 Skybox USA U4
    Ron Mercer 99 Topps Chrome Champion Spirit
    Paul Pierce 99 Topps Fresh Foundations
    Vince Carter Impact Rewind 99
    Morris Peterson UD Reserve Blue Chip prospects
    Reggie Miller 99 Skybox Premium Ninety Fine
    TJ Ford MVP rookie
    Elton Brand Stadium rookie
    Michael Finley 95 Skybox Rookie Review
    Shawn Marian Ultra rookie
    Joe Smith Fleer Metal rookie roll call
    Josh Howard 03 Topps rookie
    Antoine Walker Fleer Metal Metal Edge
    Joe Smith Skybox Premium Net Sets
    Josh Howard Bowman rookie
    Antoine Walker 98 Skybox Premium Soul of the Game
    Antoine Walker Fleer Premium Commanding respect
    Mitch Ritchmond 96 Topps Hobby Masters
    Antonio McDyess Ultra rookie
    Dennis Rodman 95 Ultra, Ultra Power
    Troy Murphy Fleer Premium rookie revolution
    Kerry Kittles Hoops NBA Rookies 14 of 30
    Antoine Walker 97 Ultra all rookie
    Paul Pierce 00 Skybox Up Tempo
    Jason Kidd 99 UD Jamboree
    Jason Kidd 94 UD Choice Crash Gold
    Keith Van Horn 01 Gametime Change the Game
    David Robinson 95 Stadium Super Skills
    Gary payton 96 Topps Stickey Fingers
    Magic Johnson 93 UD Jerry West Selects
    David Robinson 92 UD Hologram
    Grant Hill 96 Topps Profiles
    Chris Webber 96 Topps Holding Court unpeeled
    Mitch Ritchmond 96 Topps HC unpeeled
    Charles Barkley/Kevin Johnson 93 Skybox Thunder and Lightning
    Josh Howard Bowman rookie
    Richard Jefferson MVP rookie
    Amare Stoudamire MVP Monumental Moments
    Tim Duncan MVP Monmumental moments
    Tim Duncan 97 Wheels rookie
    LeBron James 03 UD Lebrons Diaries lj2
    Lebron James 03 UD diaries lj9
    leBron James UD 03 Diaries lj11
    LeBron Jmes 03-04 MVP Rising to the Occasion
    Michael Jordan 90 Fleer All Stars
    TJ Ford Bazooka Gold rookie
    Michael Jordan 89 Fleer
    Kobe Bryant 00 SP Authentic
    Kobe Bryant 02-03 Authentix Courtside Classics 50/750
    Richard Jefferson Authentix rookie 559/1250
    Kobe Bryant 98 Stadium Club Statliners die cut
    TJ Ford Topps rookie
    81 Topps Lakers Leaders Jabbar
    1981 Topps 76ers Leaders Ervin
    Amare Stoudamire 02-03 Hot Prospects Hot Shots
    Kobe Bryant 01 UD Ultimate Victory Y2Kobe 24/350 bv 25.00
    Kobe Bryant Fleer Premium 03 Skylines 2046/2500
    Chris Webber Skybox rookie
    Chris Webber 94 Stadium Rising Star
    Glenn Robinson Ultra rookie
    Latrell Sprewell UD rookie
    Grant Hill 96 Ultra Jam City
    Magic Johnson 1981 Topps nm
    Anfernee Hardaway Skybox rookie
    Karl Malone 95 Topps Beam Team
    Frank Williams UD rookie 149/999
    Brian Cook Pristine rookie
    TJ Ford UD Reflections rookie
    John Stockton 96 Topps HC unpeeled
    Jumaine Jones UD Gold Reserve rookie 855/3500
    Jonathan Bender UD Reserve rookie 1201/3500
    Glemnn Robinson Skybox rookie
    Willis Reed 1972 Topps
    Dennis Rodman Stadium Club 96 Power Zone
    Corey Magette UD Gold Reserve rookie 2060/3500
    TJ Ford Tradition rookie
    John Stocton 88 Fleer rookie
    Larry Johnson UD rookie
    Karl Malone 93 UD All Division Team AD12
    John Stockton 93 UD All Div Team
    Isiah Thomas 94 Dig Rookies Legends L1
    Larry Burd 94 Sig Rookies Legends L2
    Gary Payton 96 Topps Holding Court unpeeled
    Lamar Odom Press Pass rookie
    Desmond Mason UD Game Edition rookie
    Nick Anderson Fleer 90 rookie sensations
    Damoine Stoudamire 97 Fleer rookie rewind
    Antoine Walker 01 Topps Lottery Legends
    Scottie pippen 94 UD Choice Crash blue
    Scottie Pippen 93 Ultra All NBA
    David Robinson 96 Topps EN Fuego
    Paul Pierce 99 Ovation Spot Light
    Eric Williams 96 Finest 1st round pick unpeeled
    Kerry kittles 97 Fleer Lucky 13
    Joe Johnsom Fleer Premium All rookie team
    Shane Battier 03 Authentix Courtside Classics
    Alonzo Mourning Ultra rookie
    Corey magette Topps Gold label rookie
    Allan Houston 00 UD Slam 498/500 die cut plastic card

    02 Upperdeck NBA Classics
    Pete maravich, Jerry West, Danny Ainge, Byron Scott, Larry Brown, Oscar Robertson

    01 Fleer Greats
    Wilt Chamberlin, Mike Bibby, Pat Riley, Pete maravich, Bill Walton, Bobby Knight, John Wooden, Danny Ainge, John Thompson, Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Ray Meyer, John Havlickek, Rick patino, Rick Barry, kareem, george Mikan

    Tyrus Thomas 06 Topps rookie
    Marcus Williams 06 Topps rookie
    Darius Washington 06 Topps rookie
    Dwight Howard 06 Topps NBA 2K7
    Josh Howard UD Exclusives rookie
    Nick Collison 03 Fleer Playground rules
    Kirk Hinrich 03 Fleer Playground rules
    Luke Ridnour 03 Fleer Playground rules
    Luke Walton 03 Fleer rookie
    Luke Ridnour 03 Topps rookie
    Kirk Hinrich 03 Topps rookie
    Luke Ridnour 03 MVP rookie
    Kirk Hinrich 03 MVP rookie
    Josh Howard 03 MVP rookie
    Josh Childress 05 Bazooka rookie
    Chris Duhon 05 Bazooka rookie
    Luol Deng 05 Bazooka rookie
    Kuke Ridnour 03 Flair Wave of Future
    Emeka Okafor 05 Bazooka rookie
    Brian Cook 03 Bazooka rookie
    Willie Green 04 Topps Chrome rookie
    1979 Topps Wes Unseld
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    how much for all?
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    well i am interested in vince carters, kevin garnetts, lebrons, chris webbers, jerry stackhouse, and latrell sprewell

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    teddy are you interested in buying or trading? thanks

    cardlover if you are serious make an offer. I dont want to try and guestimate values and a price to have you say no. I mean its not going to be 50 bucks as the postage alone on this would be a good deal.

  5. #5
    well what do you want to trade for or how much would it cost?

  6. #6
    didnt see much on the tradelist. Here are prices for the player lots. Mostly base cards but some inserts and an occasional rookie. If there are any singles from the list above lmk which they are. thanks

    prices for each lot. Shipping would be extra and depends on how many cards you want.

    Carter, Vince 20 1.20 for all
    Garnett, Kevin 25 1.20 for all
    Sprewell, Latrell 30 .30 cents for all
    Stackhouse, Jerry 50 .75 for all (has rookies)
    Webber, Chris 75 2.00 for all (inserts and rookies included)

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    how much for these lots?

    Bryant, Kobe 12
    Johnson, Magic 20
    McGrady, Tracy 35
    Ming, yao 10
    Nash, Steve 6
    Stoudamire, Amare 13

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    ok i am also interested in michael jordan and kobe bryant

    could you send me a list with the total cost including shipping

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    Bryant, Kobe 12 1.20
    Johnson, Magic 20 1.00
    McGrady, Tracy 35 1.80
    Ming, yao 10 .75
    Nash, Steve 6 .25
    Stoudamire, Amare 13 .40

    shipping is extra

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