86 Leaf
85 Fleer Star Stickers RC
Any Donruss Opening day
89 UD
94 Coll Choice regular, Gold Sig
95 Coll Ch. Silver Sig
Topps Glossy Send ins,
Topps Glossy A.S. Send ins
87/88 Drakes Cakes
Post Cards
K mart
Kay Bee
Mc Donalds
Leaf RC Reprint
02 Donruss Originals Rated Rookie
80's Classics, all colors
92 Fleer Clemens Career Highlights card #2
Newer cards that look old school, like Cracker Jack, Heritage, 206 etc...
...any other singles i dont have......

I have Clemens to trade please dont ask for other players, I dont have any other cards anymore besides whats listed!!!

along with Bonds and McGwire 87 Topps MT, and 90 Leaf Maddux MT

I have about 18 different GU Clemens, might be willing to trade one or two if you had A LOT of the cards on my list, dont want any more GU, dont really care about SN'd., I have enough Rookies too. Thanks.

Also willing to buy LARGE LOTS of Clemens via Paypal if the price is right.