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    im looking for chargers,saints gu autos

    lmk what you have

    LT i will maybe buy or trade if i have anything u like lol

  2. Kronozio
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    I have a 2005 Absolute Memoribilia Shawne Merriman RC #/999. LMK if you are interested.

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    hey, have these:

    2003 Topps Pristine Performance PPDM Deuce McAllister C

    2005 Finest 179 Adrian McPherson AU RC

    plmk if you can use either, thanks.
    Hidden Content (MOSTLY AUTOS & GAME-USED)

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    MOstly lookig to sell the cheaper stuff check my photobucket I have a TON of Saints stuff and several Chargers cards.

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    sam if its not GU i dont need

    mcnabb- i could use duece and maybe mcphearson

    bgt will lok now

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    bgt dont need any of the brooks

    i though do need all ur browns and im looking for other stuff

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    bgt need your joe horn and lt gu cards kevin jones as well

    your devery henderson autos

    horn auto

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    alright it books 80 would like to get AS mcuh AUTOS and GU of playoff teams PC stuff for it so lmk bvs on all things i liked please

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    Alright Ill get to that in a second. Let me get this straight you need, no need for Deuce McAllisters, or Brooks Gu?
    All my Browns Gu/Autos
    All My Kevin Jones GU
    All MY LT Gu Cards
    Horn Autos
    Devery Henderson Autos

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