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Thread: SP patches for sale

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    SP patches for sale

    hey I have 6 of the SPA patches available at a little under ebay dlvd so they are priced to move now

    edit... Laurence Maroney Redemption 200 dlvd

    michael robinson 3 color -- 45 dlvd
    marcedes lewis nice 4 color --60 dlvd
    Jason Avant 4 color --40 dlvd
    klopfenstein centered 2 color --30 dlvd
    brandon williams 3 color 4 break --40 dlvd
    Tavaris Jackson nice 2 color --70 dlvd

    Will move all 7 as a lot for 450 dlvd.

    also have a mike bell auto rc for 25 dlvd or 15 with the patch lot

    hey here are some scans

    Robinson 3 color

    Brandon Williams 3 color

    Tavaris Jackson 2 color

    Jason Avant 4 color

    klop 2 color

    marcedes 4 color

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    sorry 15 boxes of spa is expensive. Also added the maroney I pulled todaY :)

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    Hey Panthers............I will be having some money coming in real soon........I will take the Lot if you can be a little patient.........i really need that Maroney.


    PS IDK how fast you need to move this.................but I am very serious about buying it.....I just dont have the physical money on me in the immeadiate future.

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    the maroney wasn't part of the lot bud I just edited that in and forgot to change the lot price. Do you know how long it would take. I just don't want to get stuck and then they drop on the bay and I get less for them

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    I have a work bonus due in two weeks......not coming fast enough.....but soon nonetheless bro.

    Im confused though, you state 7 Maroney makes 7.........BTW Maroney selling between 185-200 on ebay

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    The 7 was a mistake in the beginning then bud sorry about that. I will edit it.

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    What could you include in the 260 including the Maroney if we can work something out bro............I wont scavange off your break as i know what its like to have horrible breaks........not to say yours was though. I do really like the Marcedes and the Tarvaris alot as well...

    Like i said a little patience and youll have better money from me then by alot people that tend to jerk you around.......(welll me at least)

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