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    DEREK JETER 04 ultimate auto patch /30 f/t! BV 250!! trading down!

    Hi, I have the above card f/t: Heres an auction link below:
    Just to let you know, id need at least 225 sv on this, the 06 ultimate auto JERSEYS /35 have gone for 205, and 260 hi low. Mines a 1 color patch but its a prime jsy and #ed lower.1 catch:
    I need a Jeter auto in return, a single signed jeter too, not a dual, with upton or khalil greene(like ive had).
    thanks again,
    Michael J.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Just a friendly bit of advice my friend 6.00 for first class shipping is not going to get that card sold. For 6.00 you should offer priority with insurance. Just a thought..good luck to you either way!

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    snese: I am idk why it wouldnt go, I wouldnt jip, and ins will cost like 2.50+ just on that.
    anyways I needa jeter auto and Just got offered 215.

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    Moved to Sites & Auctions Forum. You can't list a card in the trading forum when it's currently on ebay, this is the place it belongs.

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