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    looking to buy lebron base/jordan base

    I am looking to buy lebron james and michael jordan base card preferrably from 05-06/06-07 years. let me know what you have and your prices.

  2. Kronozio
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    i have these

    04-05 Fleer Throwbacks Nostalgia Lebron James #N6

    04-05 Topps Rock Rhythm Lebron James #RR-LJ (X3)

    03-04 Upperdeck Lebrons Diary Lebron James #LJ9

    02-03 Fleer Genuine Names of the game Michael Jordan #NG7

    05-06 SPX Michael Jordan #10

    04-05 ud Diamond Pr sigs lebron james #13

    04-05 Upperdeck lebron james #26

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    OGLESBYC, how much dlvd for this?

    05-06 SPX Michael Jordan #10

    lmk via pm

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