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    Looking for a 2006 Contenders Greg Jennings RC/Auto

    I'm looking for a 2006 Contenders Greg Jennings Rookie Ticket RC/Auto. Does anyone have one for trade? LMK. Check my photobucket for a trade.

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    I have a 06 topps draft picks and prospects gold foil greg jennings auto #/10 i am selling if interested, lmk thanks

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    i didnt really see anything but a couple ronnie brown autos, lmk thanks

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    OK. Thanx, but I'll hold out for a contenders RC/Auto.

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    Hey Kyle...Packers stuff might as well be short-printed, at least around here. Trading for it is like pulling out a molar.

    There's a show coming up locally on Jan. 27. I'll see if I can pick up an extra Jennings Contenders for you, if you still need one then (that is, of course, after I get mine, lol)

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    I hear ya, man. Stuff is hard to come by. If you can get a Jennings Contenders That'd be awesome.

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