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    Charger Fans ... where are ya? Sorry for your loss!

    BUT .....

    I have an 06 Sweet Spot Antonio Gates Auto #'d/100 up for trade, BV is $30 .... mainly looking for Brandon Marshall Stuff but will also look at lists!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i am interested lmk if you see anything on my bucket for it


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    OGLES - sorry didn't see much I could use right now. Thanks for looking.

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    im interested see anything on my tradelist for football and baseball

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    I don't see much for the Gates auto, sorry. But the Marshall Star Rookie you have is it the Limited version or just the regular?

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    check my bucket for your antonio cromatie refractor

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    xpatsfan - ok I already have that one, thanks anyway.

    OSUman - sorry that was traded already, I just keep forgetting to move it out of that folder. I guess I should do that. Thanks anyway

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