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    LT says the Pats are classless...LOL

    Talk about your double standards.

    All week talk talk, Chargers claim "we're going to kill the Pats", Merriman said it would be a shut-out, disrespected Pats at the half-time show, basically the Pats shouldn't even show up. Then came gametime, where Chargers players were celebrating every first down like they just won the Superbowl, they were talking much #$@% after the TD's even getting up in their faces time and time again, I saw headbutting of Pats players, and then came the VERY intentional face mask....etc etc.

    So, when the Pats win the game, and do a little celebrating of their own, all of a sudden widdle LT takes offense and gets mad. BOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!
    Yeah, they did celebrate on the 50 yard line..big DEAL, it's like its sacred ground or something. It was like a 15 second celebration, WOW, stop the Press. After all the taunting and trash talking all week, the Pats do a 15 second dance, mocking steroid boy, and thats class-less??? I have to admit, I lost a little respect for LT after what he said about Belichick, why go after the coach?? Very strange. I realize he was mad, got caught up in emotions, but to physically go after the Pats players, and than call out the opposing teams head coach. Grow up man, talk about double standards. I guess it's "cool" for your players to dance, hoot and holler, and talk crap all week, but when push comes to shove, and you lose, you can't take the heat.

    And heres my favorite, check it out.

    I love the punch Brady in the face comment, talk about classy!!
    All I have to say to Merriman is: Matt Light OWNED you fella!!! Better luck next year.

    BTW, I realize this is football, and people talk trash. I know the Pats players talk too, I'm not being a biased ™™™, I just couldn't believe that LT would call New England class-less, and say it comes straight from the coach. I just thought this was funny!! Before you talk, you should look in the mirror San Diego......and then get those golf clubs ready!!!

    As my boy Ron Burgandy would say;

    "Stay classy San Diego"

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    I say it was a little classless as well, but hey The Pat's won so they deserve to celebrate where ever they want to. Looking at your sig I'd have to say that you are probably a tad bit bias in your opinion being a Patriots fan and all.

    Great game IMO. I seen some shots from both teams that were at the very least questionable but went unnoticed by the ref's!
    I think that Patriots better go home and figure out a different game plan this week because their D is not the Ravens and won't hold Manning and Company to 15 points and their Offense needs to bring more that 24 points to win this game I think! I'm seeing an Indy vs. Chicago superbowl in the near future.

    At least I hope so because if I have to see pretty boy Brady kiss the trophy one more time I think I may puke! hahahaha

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    You missed my point....The Chargers are claiming that the celebration was classless, yet they were classless themselves all week long, and during the game. Just thought it was ironic, thats all. The Pats were just rubbing all that trash talking in their face.
    I just read on that Merriman has just vowed that the next time they meet he will pay them back. Well, the play again next year @ San Diego too. We'll see!!

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    YA.. too bad.. i think that L.T. lost his cool a bit... usually hes known to be a good guy.. but.. i think he just snapped at the moment.. i beleive of course he was let down.. he did most of the work.. 2 td and 123 yrds.. i guess it was a huge let down for him.. plus playing at home hurt more... they didnt get the job done.. pats played crappy as well.. but lots had to do with penalties and fumbles from san diego and poor coaching.. going for it on 4th and 11.. very cocky of them.. push comes to shove.. pats have more experience in the playoffs.. and they posted the better score.. they were beaten to the team that had better experience when they needed to get the job done.. rivers was sacked 3 times.. brady through 3 int.. but they still got the job done.. oh well.. next year san diego will be in it too..

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    It all stems from the fact that NO ONE in the NFL can stand that coach. I live here in Chicago and you should he what Da Coach Ditka has to say about Belichick. I would write it here but I would probably get kicked off this board. I agree it was bush league what LT said. I mean he had 60 minutes to stop them from celebrating, but like I say no one can stand Belichick and thats where I think the words came from. But have no fear my friend Peyton has got it this year its over for you Pats! LOL

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    Whatever...............haters in the house........LOL

    It always some drama to demonize a Patriots win in some way its getting old.........all this stuff is jealousy the Chargers were arrogant all week and had to hear stabbing comment after comment, especially Mr Steroid Classy Boy himself.........ill be the first to admit Hobbs didnt need to go overboard with his celebration but LT, as much as I respect him, needs to chill out with calling the whole organization classless.

    I shouldnt bring up how the Chargers handled themselves after last years defeat of the Pats in NE...........calling out fans even Wade Phillips, a coach no less, running his enough is enough already with this hypocrisy.

    As far the Colts next week may the best team win............Maybe Manning can stop doing commercials after he wins a ring..........finally

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    Why does everyone hate Belichick? He's always seem like a classy, respectable guy to me, and he's definitely a good coach. Aside from disliking the media, he hasn't really done anything "controversial". People just hate people who are successful.

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    JayJag Im not sure it probably has to do with the way he handles himself around other football people. For example I dont remember who the head coach is but I think its the guy from the Jets after the Jets flat out embrassed the Pats, Bill wouldnt shake the guys hand because he was an ex assitant or something. I dont he must have done something to have Mike Ditka ragging on him the way he was.

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    Yeah, he refused to shake Eric Mangini's hand. That's not worth him being burned at the stake, though. Mike Ditka rags about everything, so I'm not surprised.

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    He also made sure he hugged Mangini after the next game, so that wasn't such a big deal.
    I also wanted to point out that I don't blame LT for getting mad, I mean I would be mad too, but I wouldn't go after the guy on the field, or trash talk the coach. But...oh well!! Just thought it was funny.

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