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Thread: This is a good story

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    This is a good story

    So i go to the card shop and the owner starts telling me about this guy who pulled an amazing card out of SP Authentic. Apparently Upper Deck put 5 redemptions for the entire Gold Sp patch auto set numbered to 25. All of them. So up here in Wisconsin, more specificly Franklin, some guy actually pulled this card. I stood there and thought to myself that is a gold mine. Could you imagine Hitting that card. They said the guy looked like he had a heart attack he was shaking so fast. and after all that the owner told me he heard that the guy decided to just redeem it. I then thought, what an idiot. Sell that baby and get all that cash. Upper Deck might not ever even send him his cards.

    question #1 - What would you do with the card?

    question #2 - What would your reaction be?

    my answer to #1 - sell the card. get the money and enjoy it.

    my answer to #2 - my pants would be full after i pulled that card.

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    The people that pulled those redemption cards from last years SPA issue recently received their sets so I know it takes awhile to get them. I know it would be tough but with the rookie class this year I think I would redeem them and sell them individually when they arrived. Last year they were numbered to only 5 so it was even tougher to pull but it's got to be worth a load of money with this class being so much better!

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    No doubt about it man. Imagine the cash you would pull for that card. I would take half the $$ and go to Vegas.

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    I didnt know you lived in WI.. If you are interested in making a road trip to Woodruff, WI for a card Show Jan 27th let me know VIA Pm for the details.

    Its amazing what sp authentic has done here as well.. One of the shops up here had a case which held TWO of the Bush golds


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    prOphet - if i was closer i would go but since i am down here in milwaukee that would be one heck of a trip.

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    I would definitely keep it. Maybe I am wierd. I just do not sell very many cards. That would be an impressive set to have in your hands.

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    I would sell that puppy in a second.

    Btw, which card store? I live In Hales Corners (Used to live in Franklin)

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    I'd get all the cards, keep them for a while then sell them.

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    would be nice to sell, but i think i would have to see what them patches looked like myself before parting with them (even if it took a year to redeem) pretty sure that the resell value would be more on the single cards than the redemption as well: 1) no one likes redemptions 2) its the "eye candy" with the spa patches that take my chance on getting that SICK patch i think

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    viking - not sure i didnt ask which store it was.

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