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    need opinions of grab bag website

    this is just preliminary tell me things i should fix add and change

    i havent started yet so just need comments

    im think the major mojos bv will be 100 or higher ( will go up in bv if these work)
    and the mini mojos bv will be 50

    thanks guys for helping,

  2. Kronozio
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    I agree with payneo59, it seems a little expensive when you could get only 9 base and 1 rookie for $5.

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    ok im thinking about doing a gu in every pack once i get some funds would that be good

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    ya it would be good but it would still depend on what the major mojo is and if the packs would be randomly picked out.

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    what i am going to do is 7 rookies and 3 base 1 gu/auto every other pack and the major mojo is a card bv 100 and the mini mojo is a card bv 50

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