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    new to the site and would like to sell or trade

    I have a few cards from recent pulls I'd wouldnt mind letting go of. From what I can tell this site is like any other forums as they all have the same set up and doesnt look like I will have no problems working with this site. Might need help setting up the trade parts of the deal but everything else seems ok. I do not have a problem sending first as I do not have any Feedback. Will send with DC to make sure you do recieve the card(s).

    I am attaching a picture of what I am wanting to sell or trade. Please let me know if you are interested. And as of right now I do not have a site up. I will be listing more cards as I have the time to go through the large quanity I have.

    Pulled these today from a box of Topps Turkey Red *see scan below*

    06 Topps Turkey Red Topps Signature Edition Jay Cutler Auto #'d 16/50
    06 Topps Turkey Red Printing Plate Cyan DeAngelo Williams #'d 1/1

    The rest of just what I wouldnt mind letting go and are just recent pulls from the past week.

    06 Sweet Spot Rookie Sigs Tarvarius Jackson #'d 75/899
    06 Press Pass Gu'd Red?? Muarice Jones Drew
    06 Preese Pass Saturday Swatches Brodie Croyale
    05 Absolute Marks of Fame auto/gu'd Tatum Bell #'d 176/300

    If your interested if I have something of a certain player, I will take the time to look through what I have. Thank you for looking and for the possibility of trading or selling to you in the future.

  2. Kronozio
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    06 Sweet Spot Rookie Sigs Tarvarius Jackson #'d 75/899

    Check my site and PLMK

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    Do you have anything in the range of what the cutler would be to trade? Odds of pulling it are 1:10,206

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    I have these

    06 Contenders Maurice drew auto
    06 Leaf Limited Team trademarks Eli manning auto 2 color patch /20
    04 Flair Eli Manning auto rookie
    99 SPX Donovan McNabb rookie auto
    01 EX Steve Smith rookie auto
    04 Leaf Limited Monikers Gale Sayers au/jsy /15

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    interested in the Maurice Drew jersey..LMK what you are looking for

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    SteelersRock- I looked at your cards and they seemed to be out of the price range for the Jackson. I do believe your cards are worth more than what the jackson would book for. But thanks for the interests.

    DetriotFan- I like this: 06 Bowman Sterling Jerious Norwood RC Auto/Jsy

    Seeing that your a Lions fan would you have any interests once I recieve this from an ebay buy. 05 SPA Sign of the Times dual Mike/Roy Williams auto's #'d/50?

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    Let me know what you liked, we may be able to work something out.

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