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    06 Topps Turkey Red 2packs 1 retail 1 hobby

    Bought two packs of Topps turkey red today. 1 pack was hobby as that was the last pack of hobby the Drug Store had left and one was retail, as they have a ton of topps Turkey red retail left...go figure.

    Hobby Pack

    06 Topps Turkey Red Cyan Printing Plate DeAngelo Williams #d 1/1

    Retail Pack...unbelieveable

    06 Topps Turkey Red Topps Signature Edition Jay Cutler Auto #'d 16/50

    Chance of pulling the Cutler was 1:10,206 ONLY available in retail packs...screwed up huh?

    the chance for the Williams was 1:406 packs.

  2. Kronozio
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    I'd say you got some pretty good hits from two packs!!! My God!

    Any chance you have a scan of the Cutler. I'd like a shot at trading for it, check my photobucket and PC IS for trade in this scenario. What kind of value are you putting on it?

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    Wow!!! A RC 1/1 and a RC Auto in 2 packs? That's insane! Congrats!

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    actually scans are on the high end trading list. Yes it was insane.

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