Hey all,

For anyone who still collects upper deck, if you want, you can check out their "kids" rewards program, here:

If you want to try your luck at their "Lucky Shot" Program (I haven't had any), here are the codes for the hockey cards 1-200 (supposedly, I hadn't checked) for 06-07 UD S1.


mcxb gsf5 tyn5 fpe7 wqtc 2j43 5jsn 66xy rxpf uhtz 6vjv 8smg nfh3 quh4 gks4 m73s 5ape nanc xs8t j7g3 9pmn 6u38 44wa 3y6c 6v7t u453 hn5c d9ap uc5v xymx cxxe w2fs wh5r lh5h n2ke w2cz w6sh wpjl ngdq wd7z t56j g5s4 f8cy xwkd 54zf t6e7 juua j7ef qk39 4jed rlpt h379 cmpl 73vt nvsg y92a flk3 fh8z 3e6b xncp 823c q7qx wubt 2qpy grwn lvwl qv6n 2vvh uaga uqf3 8m3e a7af ep66 u4al yn8a grh4 l5tx zmgq 8ln2 zj65 qbnh 9t9l pyl4 4n87 34qj buws j7j6 v64g cd3c sp2k wzh7 9hk2 8ksm fvpm nkcw 76sx zdev f9gc pyue namc snnn h7rx zevv shd4 f6dq ygew x3qn q568 pjuj atr9 sce6 ne7v cflp pxbw czz8 ap3m kpjb ep36 rdrd fvyq 9bs9 23pw mc65 w8vw wl7t pj7h xvfz 36u2 qxq9 rhhn hpkf q5jv d73t tcdu ekft 3rpq 4h7f dx57 gwnq cyz2 wl8w vw8a qvad 3m4b mdsy nv5k lba2 vcvq z4vj 7qrg cwpb ugla 4448 p4eh l5ge jmy6 q57j 58vn lnxc 2hdu c2f5 e4tz nfxz gvvv yj4n sslj qj9b ezsu 55rl nhbn j668 xxad kjev 3yvt plxn b6ah usxv a4hs zh2s que2 ahrt m3pl yha7 9am2 xv97 hrwq h3th tvtt eqa4 j8r8 bygc upce 8twu wxtm bbp2 qv7b nh2q xvah z3e6 7cnr