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Thread: Good for the Hobby?

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    Good for the Hobby?

    I just received this in my email from my distributor

    Upper Deck has changed it's distribution policy. As of April 1st, 2007 (tentative date) Master distributors will no longer be able to sell sports wax to non brick and mortar stores. This basically means that anyone doing internet sales, shows etc... and do not have a store front will not be allowed to purchase from the 3 master distributors in Canada. We will likely honour all preorders up until Upper Deck gives us an official date but after that you will have to be a brick and mortar store to purchase sports products from Upper Deck.

    This does not include gaming or entertainment items, only sports cards . This is being done to help the overall market and to eliminate some of the blow outs that occur by Ebay sellers and show dealers. Brick and Mortar stores will be required to sign a contract. We will give full details when available to us.

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    Tough call, as I'm not exactly sure what they're trying to cure?
    Pre Internet, I didn't even see 50% of the product being released. Try to Buy it... Maybe at a major card show, but never at retail always seemed over(due to demand)

    It seems UD's ultimate goal would be to get rid of their products, and into customers hands.

    If I remember correctly...Topps did something similar in 2006 which even affected Brick & Mortar. It was supposed to really hit D.A.C.W.

    Guess there's a legit reason, somewhere to pipeline.
    But Money will still talk & get what you want.
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    Yeah...what Topps did was limit purchasing directly from them to any store front to 1 case per product....

    UD will alienate their customers, not so much the distributors in this making it harder to get the product out there, prices will go up and interest in the product will go down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma_shadow
    UD will alienate their customers, not so much the distributors in this making it harder to get the product out there, prices will go up and interest in the product will go down...
    Which, given the outrageous number of products, may be a good thing for the hobby. Buyers will become more selective and the good products will survive and the bad ones should fall by the wayside.

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    I think its good for the hobby. Non-brick and mortar stores have put a lot of brick and mortar stores out of business because they have no overhead, so they can cut the hobby shop's throat in prices. The more hobby shops, the better the hobby is.
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    i agree with autocut... as someone just getting into the "business" side of things i can completely see why they are doing this. I had a long talk with my distributor today and he was telling me to stay in business as long as he has he is forced to sell for a few bucks over cost because if you dont like his prices you can get on ebay and get them for cost. It gets frustrating but you just have to find a niche. This should help keep stores in business a little longer by making the prices on ebay go up some.

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    I would have to think it could be good for the hobby, however, I am one of those who doesn't have a B&M card store within 50 miles of me, that I'm aware of.

    I'm sure there are many more people who have the same dilemma. Although, it won't affect me too much as I don't buy any new product anymore, with the exception of Topps Heritage baseball. But, if someone lives too far away from the nearest card store, then UD will be losing sales to those who would otherwise be buying the product. I'm sure that there are lots of people who are in that situation. I'm about half way between Milwaukee and Chicago, so it's not like I live way out in the boonies. What about those who live in less populated areas who would have to go hundreds of miles to get this stuff?

    Although, the benefits could be, although doubtful, more new stores opening up again? It might take a few years, but perhaps.


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    I don't have a store within 118 miles of me and even then the prices are outlandish. I prefer to buy from ebay and reputable dealers. This will only drive the price up in my opinion. As it is I have limited funds and now I will have to switch to singles.

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