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Thread: Texans/M. Williams fans...

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    Texans/M. Williams fans...

    I'm still looking to trade my Mario Williams Hot Prospects quad jersey/auto and my Heritage auto for a nice McGahee or Losman card, or a Reggie Bush jersey.

    I'll be back around 11PM (EST) to check if anyone's made an offer... Thanks!

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    I have a Reggie Bush jersey($25). Do you need it and what do the Marios book for?

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    would you do my roscoe and losman, with some good bills rookies for either of them?

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    Hunter - Thanks anyway!

    6boyds - The only Bills RC I saw on your page that I don't already have is the Roscoe Bowman Chrome. Do you have any idea what the BV is on your Losman jersey?

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    No, not sure...if you can wait a little, i have a parrish rc auto coming in...

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    Do you know which Parrish it is? I already have the 05 Pristine and 05 Heritage autos. Thanks!

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