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    Looking for any auto of a UCLA player in UCLA uniform

    Willing to trade for any of these from any brand, as long as they're certified. Especially would like deshaun foster, ricky manning, mike seidman, and skip hicks. LMK what you have!

    PS- I don't need cade mcnown. I have several of his autos already.

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    aikman auto/8x10 certified by upper deck,thaxs jamie.jlderry30

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    I have this one:
    96 Visions Signings Autograph 32/395

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    I like the edwards, but have no idea on BV. I'm guessing about $4, since it's from a brand I've never heard of until now LOL. I'm sure I could find a couple vick cards for it if you're interested.

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    hey lefty, why do you have so many ads on your site? Are you getting paid for them? Or do you just like those sites? Just curious.

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    I've used all the sites except for I receive commissions for referring people to those sites.

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    It's from Classic. I can't find the BV on it. I saw it a couple months ago @$10. Anyways, what Vick's do you have? LMK

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    leftyshan- I'm still looking for vicks

    Come on people! I know more of you have UCLA guys autos@

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