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    Busted a Box of 2006 Turkey Red

    Didnt do too badly on this one- Im not sure if Im going to do the set or not, so the base stuff isnt for trade yet. I did pull these parallels and such that are tradeable

    Box Topper
    Vince Young Blanket

    Leonard Pope "Variation" auto Redemption
    LaVar Arrington Pro Bowl GU Jersey

    Black Parallel
    Antonio Gates

    Gold Parallel
    Donte Stallworth 36/50

    White Parallel
    Robert Ferguson
    DeAngelo Hall
    Kyle Vanden Bosch
    Vernand Morency
    Curtis Martin
    Chris Perry

    Red Parallel
    Chad Johnson
    Brandon Stokely
    Michael Clayton
    Mewelde Moore
    Cedric Benson
    Carson Palmer
    Chad Pennington
    Jason Campbell
    Odell Thurman
    Edgerrin James
    Steve McNair
    Greg Jennings RC
    Cedric Houston
    DQwell Jackson RC
    Haloti Ngata RC
    Byron Leftwich
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I busted a box this yr too , Turkey Red really sucked for me this yr,

    I got 2 GU, no auto, nothing #ed lol

    Sorry Ed, tough break

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    ed, what would ya need for the young blanket

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    meh, for 60 bucks, i cant complain too much- got leinart and bush rookies, and the auto is a "variation" so maybe that will be at least low numbered. do you still have the stuff you busted? i may do the set, and i could use a bunch of base stuff still

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    dunno on the blanket- not sure what kind of trade/sell value to put on it
    let me check the evilbay and see what wisdom it can impart on me
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    ok, after extensive research (LOL) i could do about 7 delivered on the blanket, or trade it at bv 15-18
    LMK what you think
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    you got all my wimbley and jackson cards? anything else you could use?

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    id take reggie bush or matt leinart rookie stuff, hits to my needlists, im not too picky
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    ummm. i actually have no lienart or bush cards. i got these if your looking for some trade bait

    2006 Topps Vince Young 8306 Rookie Card #NFL7
    2006 Bowman Vince Young Rookie Card #113
    2006 Topps Heritage Vince Young Gray Border Purple Sky Rookie Card #183
    2006 Fleer Ultra Vince Young Head Of The Class Card #HC-VY <--- incoming

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    i like the heritage one, not sure on its bv, if its lower than what im after for the blanket, you can fill the gaps with pretty much any 2006 rookie. let me know if that works for you

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