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    05/06 UD Phenominal Beginnings - Sidney Crosby

    Anyone know if these cards are worth any money? The 20 card set is selling for like $15 Cdn. and I was wondering whether or not I should pick it up. I've seen that there are Crosby auto's from this set numbered /25 that can fetch like a $1000 on Ebay! Is the rest of the set worth anything or do you pretty much need to hit the auto to get anything out of it? Just curious. Any info helps.


  2. Kronozio
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    It's a neat set if you like Sidney Crosby. I got one for half price on (I had a 50% off coupon), and I thought it was worth it, even though I did not get an autograph.
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    be carful you dont get a chance at an auto in every box only the gold edition witch is more expansive so its false advertising on ebay saying you get a chance when you dont

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