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Thread: 2 more boxes of 06/07 MVP

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    2 more boxes of 06/07 MVP

    Here is the run down of my two latest boxes of MVP

    Rookies: Printz, Kopitar, Fehr, Zajac, Carle, White, Y. Statsny, Potulny, Pouliot, Lehtonen, Malkin, Vlasic, Reitz, O'Sullivan, O'Brien, Letang, Collins, Kopriva, Bell, Lisin, Byfuglien, Dawes, Ouellet, Jancevski

    One on One Jerseys: Bergeron/Ryder, Bouwmeester/Jokinen

    International Icons: Fedorov x2, Brodeur x2, Sundin, Ovechkin

    Clutch Performers: Sakic, E. Staal, Gaborik x2, Crosby

    Gotta Have Hart: Forsberg, Ovechkin x2, Kiprusoff, Bergeron x2

    Last Line of Defense: Brodeur x2, Roloson, Joseph, Dipietro x2

    Gold Scripts xxx/100
    Tanguay 65/100, Hemsky 36/100, Avery 72/100, Denis 84/100

    I really like this stuff, I may still yet buy some more.

    Almost everything is available for the right cards. As always I am looking for Arnott or Stoll cards in return

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    hi friend, i'm looking for 06-07 mvp Rookies Malkin $40


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    I am interested in the Kopitar, and the Vlasic rc's. LMK. Also was there any super script that you got.

    Thanks, LMK Eric

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    Pascal: Not too sure if I want to get rid of the Malkin yet, send me a PM with your offer, and I will consider it.

    Eric: I did not get and Super Scripts in these boxes, I got 2 in my other 6 boxes

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    Geez, I thought it was 1 per box. Owell, did you see anything of mine for the Kopitar or the Vlasic?

    LMK, Eric

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    Eric: Sorry I did not see anything that I can use. Let me know if you come across anything Arnott or Stoll

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