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Thread: Beckett Hockey Subscription

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    Beckett Hockey Subscription

    Does anyone know what the current deal is in the subscription offers in this month's Beckett Hockey? Usually, these offers are found on cards that fall out of the magazine or are attached to the spine. In the past, Beckett has offered free gradings or free BGS graded rookie cards for new subscriptions. Anyone know what the deal is this month?

    On a related note, does someone know where to find Beckett Hockey in Atlanta? I haven't been able to find it yet.


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    C'mon, someone must have the latest Beckett with this info. It would really help me out.

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    If you buy the online sub. they send you the rag for free (1 year)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Clyde
    If you buy the online sub. they send you the rag for free (1 year)
    Really? The online subscription isn't pretty expensive, though, like $4.99*12= $59.88. For that money you can become a silver Beckett Preferred customer and also get 4 free gradings. But that is still pretty steep. There should be some offer for a $24.99 subscription plus some gift (free gradings, free cards, etc.)

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