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    Anyone have Fred Taylor autos for trade or sale?

    I am looking for a nice one or two fred taylor autos for my collection. I am going to be picky on this, as I want a scan, I would like to know condition, , I would like to know bv, and I also wanna know what you want for it if you are selling it. You can pm me if you would like to do it that way but here is the deal -

    I will not make offers! Your card, you tell me price! If you dont know what you want for it, dont post. I am looking for a nice card and nice deal. Can always go to the Bay, but rather give you guys a chance first.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have: Fred Taylor 1999 Playoff SSD Momentum Star Gazing Authentic Auto

    HI BV is $25. I am looking for $8.50 dlvd. and can provide scan. LMK, thankx.

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    Sub - will pass on that one but thanks for the reply.

    links - how much and bv?

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    Not making offers as I stated above. Thanks anyways.

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    Fred Taylor
    '99 UD MVP-Pro Signs BV $50

    Sending you a PM

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