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    sunday signatures gld l.c greewood auto 19/22 for sale or trade

    this card is mint in a screw down nice card only 22 made im lookin for bout 100 bv for trade its doesnt book due to rareity if u want to buy please make offer

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    and i still like ur lj autos and ur drew autos make me a offer sir

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    what does the spx drew book? and we can go from there

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    like the drew spx and what does the addai book? and what does the jacobs reflecxtions auto book

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    Jacobs are gone. Addai bv=80 but sell values don't mesh. Drew SPX is gone. have Drew Finest refractor/399 still available I might do for it.

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    nah im all set i dont think the drew would be close in value what about the fleer lj auto? or the impressions manning the last manning sold at 42.00

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    oh i saw one at 42 in completed listings but any way id go one for one if u wanted to do that? or u never told me what the ljs booked at sir?

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    and i could throw a gu in or somthing? im trying to clear out my gu and ill throw in a vince young chrome special edition rc let me know or a cheaper auto who do u collect??

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