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    Question Need some help.....cant find a BV for a 1/1 print plate

    I got a 1/1 UD Printing Plate (Black) Matt Ware in an eagles uni..What does he BV at and what should I let it go for.The beckett states due to rarity it doesnt book. Its on my bucket if you need a peek at it.Id appreciate the help on this one...LOL

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    Yeah beckett doesnt list valued for anything less than /20

    your best bet is probably to check ebay for other printing plates from that set.. there is a Brees black with 3 days left @ $6.50 right now, peter warrick yellow went for about $17 and charles rogers yellow about $9

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    Printing plates imo are a gimmick. Of course I have one of the guy I collect but the only reason is that it is who it is. Trade or sell it and you would be better off.

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