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    Jose Tabata 1/1 from Bowman Chrome FT (and more 1/1s)

    I'm thinking about trading the black printing plate of Jose Tabata from 06 Chrome if I get the right deal. Looking for stars, Indians, and prospects.

    Also have plates of Adam Heether (Brewers) and Rich Harden (A's) FT.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I dunno if any of this is in range, but I like the A-Rod autos, the Manny auto, Gomez cut, and the David Wright Sterling.... Nothing caught my eye that I really am looking for, so I may take more offers on it. Thanks. Most of the things I like are probably too high end anyway.

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    You can feel free to check my NON PC buket again possibly something new you like.

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    sorry, didn't see anything but pc or less than I'm looking for. Thanks though!

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