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Thread: Asleep?

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    It seems like everyone fell asleep here today. I know the game is on...but...there must be something to discuss.

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    How I think that the ultimate Favre/Starr dual is one of the best packer cards out there ;).. Looks much better then any of the duals Ive seen.. I know hes in elite PTT and I also believe a FOTG dual


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    Yeah I love that card. I wish that Brett had not signed right on top of his photo. It is hard to see his auto.

    Wow...another interception...New Orleans is taking a beating.

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    His picture should have been with a white jersey, the auto would have looked better.

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    I agree wholeheartedly. But, it is sweet to hold in your hand.

    I thought for sure I would never have to listen to the Superbowl Shuffle again...just heard it with Joe Bucks voice...OUCH!

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