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    Kopitar Young Guns for trade/sale

    Looking for cards on my website under wants or will trade for a 05-06 Hot Prospects auto/patch card that I need (NON-white please)
    LMK fi interested, Nathan

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    not sure i have anything you need but i'm interested.

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    Have any 05-06 or 06-07 BD Quad RC's? Other than that holding on til I find someone with an HP auto/patch or a nice deal of 06-07 RC's that I need for my sets.
    LMK, Nathan....will also sell.

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    sadly don't have much 06-07 stuff yet. if i get some i'll let you know.

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    Random but what ever, How much does you Nash Auto Book for, i got a a lot of YG's.

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    I don't have a Nash auto....please PM gretzky if he has it.

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    Gretzky99----you have any paypal to spare.
    I could do $18 delivered.

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    no, i don't use paypal (they are scammers). i just picked one up in a trade so i'm not buying right now. thanks.

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