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    2003 Topps Tribute Contemporary Edition GU Bat/Jer #'d 28/50

    This card is on the tradin block. Its a dual Card Bat /Jer #'d 28/50...Very sweet card, need a nice auto for it...Please LMK what you have and we can work something out..I know some of you were interested in it, but i need a good offer...Thanks

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    Sorry about all the posts, i couldnt get any of them to here i am posting 1000 posts, sorry..

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    i have a 01 fleer platinum RC game used jersey of Barry Bonds and a 02 donruss classics dress code mark prior quad gu bat/shoe/glove/jersey...LMK! whats bV?

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    The BV on the Pujols is 80....LMK the bv on your cards..

    Do you have a trade page baseballfan80

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