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    PSx Games for cheap cc -- baseball and more!

    I have some PSx games that have been lying around for about 2 years since I sold my Playstation. I'll take any reasonable offers, if I get a good one I'll sell you the game. here's what I have:

    NBA Live 2000
    NBA Basketball 2000
    NBA Showtime
    Madden 2000
    Triple Play '99
    Nagano Winter Olympics '98
    Knockout Kings
    Need for Speed 2


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    what do you want for this one , this is playstation 1 right?


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    make me offers guys, either cc or cards, I preffer basketball, but will take rc's, gu, #'d, and auto from any sports.

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    sealdpwr: I'll see if I can get any better offers, but I'll keep yours in mind and will let you know. Thanks.

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