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Thread: New additions to my bucket:

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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I cannot find the bv on the pullout but I traded 150 on it. The Addais I believe are 100 and 80. Have a Topps DP&P Classmarks auto too that bv=80

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    I do like the Kellen Clemens jersey auto. What are you asking for that?
    Jonathan Vilma super collector in training!
    I also collect Drew Brees, Sean Taylor, Houston Astros, Michigan Wolverine alum and Miami Hurricanes alum.
    I ONLY ship with bubble mailers and expect the same from you. Doesn't matter if its base or high end. USPS is too unreliable to ship in PWE. #CardLivesMatter

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    lebron - I don't know bv on that yet. I have his Contenders too.

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    i have interest in alot of your cards, lmk if you like any of mine first (check bucket, i just updated

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