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    Selling these two nice cards for paypal.. Need paypal fast so will sell Cheap..

    I'm selling these two cards for paypal.. Will sell cheap cause i need paypal VERY VERY fast... like 2 hours fast.. here they are...lmk if ur interested
    scans r in my bucket under Baseball patch cards..

    Junior Spivey 4 color patch/auto /5 (BV. $N/A very rare and nice patch!)

    Carlos Lee 3 color patch/auto /98 (bv. $35-40)

    LMK!!! need paypal for something for my mom...

  2. Kronozio
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    well I dont know what to offer, Just give a price and Ill see what we can do from there

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    kev- ok that's fine we can go from here lmk ..

    Spivey patch/auto /5 (Bv. $ N/A very nice the guy i got it in a trade from said he thinks it books around $85ish. I could do $25-30 paypal.. which would be 60% off the bv if it was $85

    Lee patch/auto (bv. $35-40) i could do $14 (which would be around 60% off..

    If you buy both i will lower the price to a total of $40 paypal.. if you can't do that..lmk and make a counter offer.

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    To high for me on the spivey, I can do 10 on the lee?

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    if can do $12 for the Lee at the lowest....

    i can sell both to you for $33 instead of $40.. (that's around 75-78% off for both patch/auto's combined BV.)

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    anyone have any other offers??? stil need paypal... lmk

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