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    Anyone want to buy this insert lot???

    PM me an offer if interested. Thanx
    Looking for the best Paypal offer on this lot:

    06 Turkey Red
    Black Parallel:
    Deshaun Foster
    Thomas Jones
    Marcus Robinson
    Deangelo Hall
    White Parallel:
    Steven Jackson
    Steve Smith
    Matt Jones
    Donnie Edwards
    T. Minor
    Eric ParkerT. Heap
    D. Robinson
    Eddie Kennison
    Red Parallel:
    M. Robinson
    E. ParkerChad Johnson
    Ed Reed
    R. Wayne
    Jammer x2
    T. Glenn
    Reggie Brown
    J. Abraham
    Carnell Williams
    A. Rolle
    L. Johnson x2
    Lavar Arrington x2
    S. Jackson
    Chris Brown
    Trent Green
    05 Legendary Contenders B. Griese
    05 Topps Chrome J. Taylor Refractor
    05 Contenders Playoff Ticket Grossman
    05 Zenith artist proof Grossman
    05 Zenith Aerial Assault Grossman
    05 Zenith Epix Carson Palmer:
    Red 1st down
    blue 1st down
    purple 1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down
    05 LCM Mirror White Palmer
    06 Flair Hot #'s Palmer
    06 Ultra Stars Palmer
    05 Topps Chrome Hidden Gold Palmer
    05 Scorecard J. Galloway
    05 Elite Pass the torch red T. Green
    05 Elite Teams Panthers
    05 Gridiron Gear Triplets Chiefs
    05 Contenders Toe2Toe Horn/Coles
    03 UD pros & prospects power & potential Gaffney/J. Smith
    05 Contenders MVP McGahee, Julius Jones
    05 Absolute Spectrum Michael Clayton x2
    05 Topps hidden gold A. Gates
    05 Throwback threads TB coll. Rolle/Rogers
    05 throwback threads Dynasty Bucs & Raiders
    05 topps chrome refractor Robert Gallery
    05 topps throwbacks Fred Taylor
    05 Topps Hidden Gold R. Williams
    Golden Greats Tony Dorsett
    06 Heritage Flash Backs Chuck Bednarik, Frank Gifford
    06 Leaf Limited Don Meredith
    04 UD Legends Tarkenton
    05 Throwback Threads R. Smith
    06 UD 10 sack Jason Taylor
    06 Threads Gridiron Kings /50 R. Williams
    05 Turkey Red White parallel Bledsoe
    Red Parallel J. Walker
    03 Flair Collection Ricky Williams /125
    05 Honors o's Coles
    05 Throwback Threads green Charles Rogers
    David Terrell
    Rod Smith
    Darius Watts
    06 Prestige Pros Darrell Jackson
    05 Topps Chrome Gold Nuggets Ogden
    Throwbacks Jamal Lewis
    05 Topps Throwbacks Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne
    Tony Gonzalez, A. Gates
    golden Greats Earl Campbell
    00 Aurora Champ. Fever Kitna
    05 UD ESPN history Dickerson x2, E. George
    02 Fleer Stadium Classics Brunell
    05 ESPN ESPY Maddox x2
    02 Ovation Milestones Brunell
    05 ESPN POTW K. Jones
    97 pacific prisms Terrell Davis
    05 ESPN MAG Covers Dante Hall
    05 ESPN POTW S. Jackson
    05 Topps DP&P Chrome Mike Clayton
    05 leaf R&S Ticketmasters McGahee/Losman
    05 Topps Chrome Refractors Gates
    05 Absolute Spectrum Arrington
    06 Topps "Gold" Kerry Collins
    06 Classics Classic Singles Ozzie Newsome
    97 Preferred Staremasters Tim Brown
    06 Elite Prime Targets Steve Smith
    05 Zenith Zteam Culpepper
    05 Zenith Mozaics Titans
    06 Flair Hot #'s TO
    05 Ultra TD Kings Die Cut Jamal Lewis, McGahee, Muhammad, Dillon, Chad Johnson
    06 LCM Cert. Potential Mark Clayton
    Cert. Skills D. Davis
    05 Zenith team Zenith Culpepper
    06 topps ring of honor H. Ward
    06 Bowman Blue Rod Smith
    05 Honors Award Winners Glenn Davis
    05 Zenith holo D. Davis
    06 Fleer Destroyers Bruschi
    05 Topps Black Davenport
    05 Team Zenith Vick x2
    04 Honors Accolades Vick
    05 Zenith Zteam Vick
    06 Heritage Then & Now Vick/Trippi
    05 Toppt Total Topps Vick
    05 Chrome Glistening Gold Vick
    05 Honors Accolades Vick
    06 Elite Zooning Commission Vick
    05 Contenders MVP Vick
    02 Fleer Career Highlights Favre
    94 Team Pinnacle Favre/Mirer
    05 Legendary Contenders Dorsett /250
    05 Zenith Canton Bound Eli Manning
    97 Preferred Silver Elway
    06 Ultra Gold Medallion:
    Delhomme, Moulds, McCariens, Kinney, Merriman, Walker, Frerotte, S. Smith, Barlow, Horn, Gonzalez, S. Smith, B. Johnson, M. Moore, Gonzalez, C. Brown, Walker, K. Johnson, Boller, E. Johnson, Cooley, Heap, Stevens, Wiggins, Freeny, Houshmenzadeh, R. Williams, Gonzalez, Walker, Gore, Hasselbeck, Miller, Boldin, Bailey, Davenport, TO, Porter, Gred Lewis, Freeney, D. Bennett, Heap, K. Curtis, Boldin, Bailey, J. Smith, Ricky Williams, Boller, D. Edwards, B. Westbrook, S. Smith, Northcutt, Dunn, M. Bennett, Vilma, Betts
    06 Hot Prospects Dante Hall
    06 LCM Cert Potential Braylon Edwards
    05 Topps Hidden Gold A. Gates
    99 Flair Shrine Time TO
    05 ESPN insider TO
    05 Threads Generations TO/A. Johnson
    06 Fleer Franchise Kevin Jones
    06 Bowman Gold:
    Dunn, L. Jordan, S. Smith, A. Smith, Cooley, Vilma, Houshmenzadeh
    06 Bowman Blue C. Brown
    05 ESPN insider Shockey, E. James
    06 Topps Madden L. Johnson
    06 Topps Gold Adam Jones
    05 Heritage foil Vilma
    06 Topps HOF Sammy Baugh
    05 Zenith Autumn Warriors Walker/R. Williams
    & Bulger/Hasselbeck
    05 Zenith Aerial assault:
    Hasselbeck, Delhomme, Harrington, Green, Bulger
    05 Zenith Museum Fred Taylor
    05 Zenith Canton Bound:
    Culpepper, Earl Campbell, Julius Jones
    06 Topps HOF Baugh
    05 Contenders Playoff Ticket Shockey
    05 Legendary Contenders Tarkenton
    06 Elite Chain Reaction Hasselbeck
    96 Coll. Choice MVP Marcus Allen
    01 Fleer Great Plays D. Clark
    06 Ultra Stars Brunell
    05 Absolute Spectrum Holmes
    05 Gridiron kings Holmes
    05 Ultra TD Kings Holmes
    97 Preferred Cut to Chase:
    J. Smith, A. Reed, Hearst, A. Johnson, D. Scott, C. WArren, Rison x2, Steve Young x2
    05 Turkey Red Red Pittman & Walker
    Black Randle El
    95 UDCC Stickers
    94 Action Pack Warp Speed Watters
    95 Topps All Pro Shannon Sharpe
    05 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Boller, Stallworth
    05 Ultra Gold Bulluck
    05 Ultra Sensations Westbrook
    06 Prestige Turning Pro Benson
    95 UDCC Stickers Marcus Allen
    06 Ultra Award Winners Vilma
    06 Prestige SB Heroes D. Jackson
    97 XPress foil Brunell
    06 Ultra Award Winners Caddy
    06 Prestige Gridiron Heritage K. Johnson, Bulger
    97 XPress Bombs away Brunell
    96 UDCC MVP Gold Brunell
    05 Ultra Gold Walker
    96 Ultra Achievement Herschel Walker
    06 Ultra Scoring Kings McCardell, Carr
    06 Ultra Campus Classics Steve Young
    06 Ultra Stars Bulger
    06 Ultra King of Defense Vilma, Suggs
    05 US ESPN POTW J. Jones
    05 Topps Total Award Winner T. Green
    05 Honors Game Day McAllister
    06 Chrome HOF Carson, Wright
    06 UD top 25 Boldin
    06 Topps HOF Wright, Baugh
    06 Chrome 8306 Jim Kelly
    06 Fleer Franchise K. Jones, Bulger
    06 Fleer Standouts Hasselbeck
    06 Threads Gridiron Kings Archie Griffin
    06 Ultra Performers Delhomme, McNait
    06 Ultra Dream Team Polamalu x2, Peppers
    06 Ultra Achievement Boldin
    95 Flair Previews A. Williams, Shannon Sharpe
    96 UDCC Crash the Game Tim Brown
    00 Fleer 10 Yards Terrell Davis
    05 Topps Black S. Davis, S. Springs
    05 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor S. Davis
    93 Topps Gold Lawrence Taylor
    05 Ultra Gold Boulware
    94 Action Packed Warp Speed Rod Hampton, Catching Fire Tim Brown
    05 Legendary Contenders Len Dawson
    05 threads Timelines Thurman Thomas
    05 Contenders Toe2Toe Horn/Coles
    05 Contenders MVP Julius Jones /500
    05 Topps Gold Greats Earl Campbell
    05 Score Adrenaline Robert Gallery, Scorecard Duckett
    05 Elite pass the torch green T. Thomas
    03 Elite pass the torch McAllister/R. Williams
    05 Finest x-Fractor Roy Williams
    05 LCM Cert Skills A. Lelie
    05 Topps All Americal Gold Biletnikoff, Brad Muster, Silver Heyward, Newsome
    05 Legendary Contenders D. Jones /750
    05 Honors Accoladse Hasselbeck
    05 Zenith Silver Dilfer, Epix orange 1st Down K. Jones, Artist Proof D. Davis
    05 Threads holo Tatum Bell
    05 Contenders Playoff Ticket Rod Smith, Rudi Johnson, Gonzalez, Shockey, Burress, F. Taylor, Burleson, D. Brooks, Jamal Lewis
    05 Bowman Silver Griese
    06 Elire Elite McGahee, Benson
    05 Zenith Epix Orange 12nd Down Losman, McGahee, Orange 1st Down S. Jackson, Blue 2nd Down Carr, Red 1st Down J. Jones, orange 3rd Down Carr, Purple 3rd Down S. Jackson, orange 1st Down McNabb
    05 Zenith Silver L. Jordan, Droughns, P. Ramsey, A. Gates, R. Williams, Burleson, Shockey
    05 Zenith Holo Barlow, Muhammad, D. Mason, Dilfer, Boller
    05 Zenith Mozaics Eagles
    05 Contenders MVP Red McNabb, Gold McNabb
    05 ESPN Sportscentury Butkus
    05 Topps Chrome Throwbacks Freeney, Gonzalez, Gold Nuggets Lawrence Taylor, Hidden Gold L. Jordan, Glistening Gold P. Holmes
    05 Absolute Spectrum Feeley
    06 UD 3000 Passing Carr, 1000 receiving J. Walker
    03 Total Award Winner P. Holmes
    06 Flair Hot Hands Deangelo Hall
    06 UD Rookie Debut Photo Flashback Joey Galloway, Game Debut L. Jordan
    06 Topps True Champs Terry Bradshaw, 8306 E. Dickerson, Jim Kelly, Madden Gonzalez, HOF Jim Thorpe, B. Nagurski, True Champs Namath
    05 Threads Holo Bennett, Winslow,
    06 Fleer Franchise Fitzgerald
    06 Absolute Spectrum W. Parker
    06 Ultra king of Defense K. Bell, Kearse
    06 Ultra Campus Classic R. Johnson, Ismail
    05 Zenith Museum K. Jones, Burress, Coles, Bledsoe, 05 Zenith Silver K. Johnson, K. Jones, Carr, M. Bennett, Lee Evans
    05 Zenith Black & Blue Holmes, S. Jackson, K. Jones, TO
    05 Zenith Zteam J. Jones, McGahee, S. Jackson
    05 Zenith Mozaics Lions, Texans, Bills
    05 Leaf R&S Longevity Barlow
    05 Bowmans Best A. Johnson /1399, Freeney /1399, R. Wayne /799
    05 Classics Sayers /1000
    05 UD Ledgends Jack Hamm Legends of the Hall
    03 Elite Pass the Torch R. Williams
    06 LCM Cert Potential A. Lelie
    05 Finest Refractor M. Jenkins, T. Green, J. Porter
    05 Legendary Contenders E. Campbell, Tarkenton, Meredith, L. Dawson, D. Dones, Shula, B. Griese
    05 LCM Gold Team Sayers05 Leaf Limited Vick
    05 Ultimate Vick
    03 Elite Pro Bowl Alstott
    03 UD Pros & Prospects Power & Potential McCown/Bledsoe
    05 Classics Staduim Stars Seau06 Heritage Black Back R. Williams
    06 Threads Gridiron Kings Steve Owens, Tom Harmon, I. Bruce

  2. Kronozio
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    If you don't sell this there are a couple of Raiders I'd be interested in trading for.


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    Quote Originally Posted by p&p
    If you don't sell this there are a couple of Raiders I'd be interested in trading for.

    x2! (well, not the Raider part )

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