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    I need a Banner for My Ebay Store. Any Takers??

    I am looking for a banner to add in my ebay store. Graphic size is 310 x 90 pixels. I can pay paypal, or can send cards. I would like it to have pictures of top athletes in the 4 major sports. I would like Pujols in the description for sure, either Tomlinson or Manning, Lebron for basketball and Crosby for hockey. Or I will take something comparable. Lmk who is interested and what you would need for it to be done. It needs to be that graphic size stated above 310 x 90. Just hit me up and lmk!


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    I can give it a shot. Wouldn't need much, if anything. Maybe any spare Indians or somethin. Want it to have "rbicards" on it anywhere? Any color preference?

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    I'm somewhat of a novice but ithink i can make something pretty nice. this was the first one I made to give you an idea...

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    thats fine by me, ya i would like rbicards in it. I know its not much space, but Ill take what i can get. Would you be satisfied if i sent you some david huff rookies from bowman draft, chromes, regs and golds?

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