Please take a look at the list...must go as a lot...I will trade them or sell them as a lot!! Please make me any offer, I will consider any offer !! I Have way too many game used cards and need to get rid of them!! Thx for looking and hope to hear from you soon!! PM ME PLS.....I Rarely check my threads...thx! : )

1.Arkhipov,Denis 06 UD GU J(Blk)

2.Aucoin,Adrian 06 UD GU J(Blk)

3.Brashear,Donald 06 UD GU J(wht)

4.Calder,Kyle 06 UD GU J(Red)

5.Cammalleri,Mike 06 UD GU J(purple)

6.Conklin,Ty 06 UD GU J(Blue)

7.Daley,Trevor 06 UD FU J(Wht)

8.Hurme,Jani 06 UD Gu J(Wht)

9.Laraque,Georges 06 UD GU J(Blk)

10.Lehtinen,Jere 06 UD GU J(wht)

11.Lombardi,Matthew 06 UD Series 1GU J(blk)

12.Lombardi,Matthew 06 UD Series2 GU J(blue)

13.Ohlund,Mattias 06 UD GU J(wht)

14.O'nell,Jeff 06 UD GU J(2clr)

15.Ozolinsh,Sandis 06 UD GU J(green)

16.Recchi,Mark 06 UD GU J(Wht)

17.Reinprecht,Steve 06 UD GU J(Wht)

18.Smith,Jason 06 UD GU J(2 clr)

19.Weiss,Stephen 06 UD GU J(black