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    Just an FYI on contenders boxes has them on special for $118.99 which is 15-20$ cheaper than most places and they offer free shipping on anything over $150. Just picked up some boxes. Their prices seem to be the best overall. The 2 card shops near me are at 135$ and 140$ each.

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    Thats awesome but FYI i got 6 boxes 1/2 case pre sale and I got not one 1st or 2nd rounder best card I pulled was an $80 Meredith ouch so maybe the mojos there for you guys lol

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    Not a bad price at all...tempting...but singles are just way too efficient. I have opened zero packs, have 33 Autographed RC's already (including Wimbley, Sims, Clemens, Ngata and other 1st rounders) and have spent less then $125.00. That's like $3.50 per rookie. Not as much fun...but certainly saves me the cash.

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    How is I usually go through dacardworld. How fast is their turnaround on the orders? Dacardworld ships out the same day if you order before 4PM.

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    Order before 3PM and they ship same day. I got my confirmation email at 630 with tracking number. I am not actually buying these for me, I have gotten into doing shows and in North Carolina there are not tons of shops so people cant get many hobby packs. I am going to sell the packs individually with my table. I mainly buy singles myself and yes it is more efficient. I took a bath on 2 SP authentic boxes for 250$ and best pull was a norwood Patch Auto. I did nail a nolan ryan RIP card from allen and ginter on one box #25 and sold for 200$ and got a vince young cabinet card auto jersey #150 on turkey red. I only buy boxes of sets I want to make. It is fun to open and out of the 6 boxes I bought I have been close to making my money back I think.

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