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Thread: BK value or Cash Value?

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    BK value or Cash Value?

    What has happened to this hobby? It seems like everyone is out to make a buck and there is no more collectors. Seriously, have we stooped to using ebay as our guide for making trades? For every auction someone can find on their card telling me how well it sells I can find one that has it selling for much less, and exactly the opposite for my cards. Ebay values don't factor in the average value, only the instant one. For example, Big Ben last year was the hottest card on the market, now you can get them at half bk, does that make the cards worth that much less? Is the Trading hobby full of sharks who buy (trade) low and sell high? Just looking for some opinions from those who have done alot of it.

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    well there are several ways to look at that... for instance... if you had a big ben auto last year that was selling for over BV.. lets say the bv was 100 and it was selling for 120... would you have traded it for a nice GU card of the same BV? I dont always agree with it but there are certain cases when the SV is relivent... and yes.. people buy low sell high all the time.. i try to pick out a couple people a year and do this with... buy their stuff when it first comes out and hope they do well... i also have been burned before but it is fun to do.. can anyone say kavin maas?

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    LOL, I remember Kevin Maas, had a couple of his cards. I agree with you to an extent. Heck, if we are strictly on a ebay value basis I think I will just sell the stuff I have to trade and buy what I want, and therefore eliminating trading all togther. I just used Ben as an example, there is a ton of guys out there who have a great week or two and then take a couple of years off. (Leftwich, Beltran, Eli) I really feel sorry for those who gave up the outrageous values for Romo, we'll see how that comes out.

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    i completely agree with you.. honestly a lot of times i unload the stuff when a guy has a great week... i sold 2 UD MVP Romo Rookies when he got hot for about 12 bucks for both... no way you could get near that now

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    If I had a card that was selling way over book,I'd do what any person with half a brain would do...........sell it! Trying to trade a card with a high sell value doesn't work too well on a site with a few hundred users like this compared to a place like ebay that has millions of users.

    I too am sick of all the selling going on here,and at least Beckett did one thing right by not allowing users to sell. Granted their reasoning is different,but the concept is one that all trading sites should be doing. I'm gonna get flack for this and I don't really care. If you're "in need of money and need to sell" like I see on alot of posts,you shouldn't have bought the cards in the first place. I buy cards because I can afford it and don't need to open boxes in hopes that I can make money. I love this as a hobby and alot of people are losing sight of that.
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    I agree, to me it is still a hobby, not an income. I think alot of kids think they can open a box and pull a great card and sell it, make some cash and move on. It works for some, but not many. I also buy cards because I can afford them, don't buy many boxes anymore, just seemed pointless to pay all that for a when I can just buy the card I want instead for less.....and I gave up on that big pull years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bblair_2002
    I too am sick of all the selling going on here...
    For some reason, I am not "sick of all the selling going on here". Maybe because I'm such a low-budget guy and restrict myself to the base brand (low-end) stuff. I've never sold a single card in my life and have only bought cards once online (some 1969 Topps deckle-edge cards). So I pretty much ignore the selling and only look at cards for trade. But still, threads that offer cards for sale are really opportunities for someone to obtain cards they desire--nothing wrong with that, IMHO. Unless maybe you read alot of the selling threads and they seem to have unfair prices...I would get sick of that, too.


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    the only times i will sell any of my cards on this site is if someone really wants it but doesn,t have any of my needs to trade for it,i don,t mind people selling on this site as i have gotten some really good deals and the odds of getting ripped off here are far less than ebay,see deltaqueencards,just using her as an example as i think at least 10 of our members have been ripped off by her,i can understand where bblair is coming from though if you need the money well than don,t waste it on a box of cards that 7 out of 10 times you will not make your money back.pick some players you collect and either trade for them or try to buy them,this is not about the benjamins it,s about having fun and collecting who you like.,thanks for the long read take care steve

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    Lets talk about the trade value of you cards you do trade. I find alot more lately everyone wants to disreguart bk (Beckett) values and trade strictly by sale (ebay) values. I for one don't like and won't trade using ebay values...beckett provides a constsistant average value over the last several months, while using sell values changes from week to week. I can't stand when someone starts trade talks with me and says, you card sold on ebay for xx dollars.....usually they are trying to get a card that bk's at double or more than one sold on ebay, in a sense trying to get me to trade my cards at half bk, but at the same time they always find an auction for their cards where it is selling, and I use this term loosly, "above BK". Then when you give them an example of your cards selling much better and theirs selling much worse they want no parts of it. Like I said earler, for every auction you find on a cards selling great, I can usually find one of it not selling so great, yet in the collecting ebay rules..

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    certain cards will sell overbook on ebay and others under but what really is the deciding factor has alot to do with the sellers feedback,sure you got that griffey jr autograph for 30 bucks but the seller had a 95% ebay rating with 10 negatives good luck getting your card,plus some auctions have no scans of the card or are described wrongly,i think anyone of us can find a card that we want to trade for and put a spin on it that would make the value go down,i agree using beckett is as close as you are gonna get to a pretty fair assessment of a cards value,they may not always be on top of things but beckett does do a decent job,take care steve

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