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    This Mailday Probably Tops them all for Me!

    As a HUGE Randy Moss Fan, this was a very nice mail day for me, along with a few other nice cards too!

    From Baseball - A Nice New Alomar! Double Patch #ed 22 / 25

    Then Some Logo Patches for my Logo Patch Collection -
    McNair Logo Patch from the Titans Sword (The Tip)

    Then we have a nice David Carr Logo Patch - Not Sure Where the Patch is from though. Neat though!

    Then my Prized Moss Autos :
    First a 99 Stadium Club Auto (Graded BGS 7.5, But I think Ill bust the case)

    Then one of my newest Favorites, Ive only seen one before, and I got it:
    03 Hogg Heaven Pig Pens Auto #ed 25 / 35!

    This has to go down as my most memorable mail day, and I have had some very awesome ones. I included some scans for ya guys to check out too!

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    I have to post once more to post links to the Moss's too:

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    Always like Alomar, especially when he played in Baltimore. Nice patch.
    The McNair is awesome and the Carr is nice but I also have no idea where that came from.
    The Moss cards are pretty sweet, why did that Star one get a 7.5?

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    That is a very nice mailday! You got some sweet patches and autos. Congrats!

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    Chaos - The Alomar is super nice, the guy only listed it as a patch, didnt even list it as a dual, or /25. So I got a super deal on that.

    I cannot for the life of me determine where the Carr patch is from, I THINK its part of TEXANS (Looks like a A N, for the patch) but I dont know if they say that on the Jersey.

    The Moss itself, really isnt even in bad condition. I dont know how it scored so low. Its corners arent even that whitened.

    Thanks guys, now I just need more Moss autos! Lol.

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    that moss pig pens auto is one sweet card the autograph just jumps off of it nice pc pickups vikingfan take care steve

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    Thanks guys, too bad Ive probably depleted the amount of Moss cards Ill get for the rest of the year! Its hard to get his stuff!

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