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    Selling most of my Football... Need paypal!!!

    I really need paypal so i can get my mom some really nice jewelry.. selling most of my football.. lmk please help me out... Thanks!! make offers...
    check out the bucket

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Paypal only? I like your Calico Patch, Crumpler Patch, JJ SOTT Auto, Colston Bowman Chrome RC. LMK


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    Yes paypal only.. lmk... JJ RC auto is NFT or sale... srry.. Colston is pending..

    make an offer on the Calico and Crumpler patches...
    Book values are $25 and $25.....

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    ok how would you be paying then?? i actually now just found another store online that has the same thing i am looking for for my mom and that takes not only paypal but MO..

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    also like the calico patch.....i wont make an offer, they are your cards....either we are very close and we can work it out, or we are very far me a price please

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    detroitfan- the best i could do would have to be $15 for both?? lmk
    total BV is $50.. lmk

    proudestmonkey- detroit has first dibbs, if we don't get anything going i will send you the price on the calico patch and we can go from thier.. thanks!!

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    I'll take them. Post it up and I'll send Monday if you can do the same. Thanks!!!


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