So I call the local shop and ask if they got BC in. They said yeah come on in we have it for you. So I go in there this morning not planning on buying a box- so I buy about 12 packs. I see the box topper is there, but he said it wasn't for sale so I just left. I went to go eat about 30 min away from the shop and I busted my packs there. I thought, there are very small odds that I don't pull the auto. When I am through with busting I found myself sitting there with some refractors, a Tatum Bell base card, a Santonio Holmes rookie and a Leinart rookie in my hand- the best pulls I had from the packs.

At this point unlike most days I became very angry that I didn't pull the auto. I went through the odds over and over in my head, and I couldn't live with myself. I called the store owner and told him to keep the packs for me. I went all the way back to the store and bought them. I opened 4 of them and they didn't have the auto so I was a little nervous that I had a dud box. I open the last pack and whammy.........

Brandon Marshall chrome auto! Sure not the best pull for some of you, but I really wanted this! Nothing like pulling something you were planning on buying!

And then I got some Tatums in the mail.

The end!


Scans are in my bucket in various sections- the rookies and refs in football rookies, the Marshall in my Marshall collection section, etc........