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Thread: Need A Zajac Ud Yg

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    Need A Zajac Ud Yg

    thanks karl.. come through in the clutch again

    no need for this card anymore

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    I have the Zajac you have others YG to trade ?
    Quote Originally Posted by leafsfandan
    Title Says It.. Need A Zajac Yg

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    sorry karl i dont.. this is for my nephew.. he is a big devils fan and i want to get him some cards for his birthday

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    Ok sorry i'm only trading it for another YG i need....but my oncle will bring me a box of upper deck tomorrow , if i pull zajac or oduya again , i will work something out with you !

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    I have one Zajac YG exclusive if you're interested... BV of $40...

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    I would like 25$ for it or 100% in trade

    If only interested in trading, I will check your list and let you know

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