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    Maurice Jones Drew Bowman Chrome Auto for Sale

    It is a mint condition base auto, and is in a penny sleeve and toploader.

    I am looking for anything Seahawks and/or money/money order and will get a scan if need be.

  2. Kronozio
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    By the way I can send first if you have a good trader rating with lots of feedback. Thanks

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    I am not sure what kind of value you are putting on it but I would be interested....
    I have these Seahawks:
    Michael Boulware (auto) 04 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket #182

    Marcus Trufant (blue)/ Terrence Newman (white) 2003 Playoff Honors Jersey Tandems #JT-15

    Darrell Jackson (blue) 06 Leaf Rookies and Stars Parallel #90

    Shaun Alexander:
    (auto) 03 SP Signature Edition #SA
    (auto) 03 UD Pros and Prospects SN# 316/500 #144
    (white w/blue) 06 Prestige Gridiron Heritage Patch SN# 44/50 #GH32
    (seahawk green) 05 Topps Turkey Red White Jersey SN# 083/199 #TRR-SA
    (seahawk green) 05 Topps Turkey Res Red Jersey SN# 169/299 #TRR-SA
    (white) w/ David Boston (white) 02 Fleer Focus Franchise Focus Rivals SN# 084/100 #DB-SA
    (Seahawk green) w/ LaVar Arrington (red) 05 Honors Class Reunion SN# 106/150 #CR-10
    (Seahawk green) 05 US ESPN Sportscenter Swatches #SCS-SA


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    How much bv are you looking for on the Drew?

    I have a 2003 UD Signature Edition Blue Ink AU of Shaun Alexander if you need it. I also have a few other nice jersey's of his.




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    i also like it for a bud. i have some seahawks, what bv you putting on it???

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    I am putting a value of 70-75 bucks on it (per ebay sales). I am interested in the two Alexander autos and the Michael Boulware, not really interested in the 03 Signature auto though, thanks

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    all i have is an alexander spx auto/jsy rc bv 150. how much would you sell for?

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    Have these Seahawks cards

    Boulware Contenders rc
    S Wallace 03 SP Signature blue auto rc
    Alexander Showcase rc /250
    Alexander Finest rc PSA 10
    Alexander 00 Bowman reserve Auto psa 9
    Alexander Bowman reserve rc Gem 10
    Alexander/ Thomas Jones 00 Contenders Round Numbers duel auto

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