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Thread: Sosa and Bonds rookies

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    Sosa and Bonds rookies

    I have the 86 Fleer Update set and the 86 Topps Traded set for trade with the Bonds rookies in it. I also have the Topps, Score, Donruss and Fleer Sosa rookies for trade if anyone has football to trade. Looking mainl for Vikings, Moss, Culpepper, Burleson or Smith

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    I have some base randy moss. I can give you my base of moss, and a james jackson auto for one of the bonds.

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    Looking for a comparable value rookie of one of the mentioned players. I will trade my base cards of whoever for our base cards of Moss though. LMK.

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    I have a Topps Chrome Culpepper RC BV 40 I believe would you trade one of the sets for it. Are they factory sealed. I also have a UD Encore Moss RC BV 20 i believe. If not what are the conditions of the cards.....

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    Brandon, I don't know what you have for trade. I looked on your web page, but it looks like your personal stuff...

    claybate, I looked at the Bonds Fleer last night. Looks very nice. Edges are not too rough, and very well centered. The topps one is pretty OC though I think. It has been a long time since I looked at that one. All in all the fleer set looks nice, but the Topps set looks somewhat OC and the edges are rough. I do have that Culpepper, but may be able to trade it with a local trading buddy of mine. Will let you know.

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    how much BV are u looking for the for the topps traded set and how much bv for the fleer update set?

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    I am not necessarily going by BV on these. (Plus I do not know what they are listed for in the Beckett because I do not have a baseball one) I want to get some cards that I really want out of the deal. I have no problem hanging on to them, and I am mainly looking for some premium pieces I have not been able to find for a while... Not saying that I am looking for %100 book for these, but am not going to trade for $100 of anything either.


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    86 fleer update set is worth 50 and 86 topps traded set is worth 40

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