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    Football Tradelist of Game Used and Autos

    Shaun Alexander (Seahawks)
    '05 Prestige-Game Day Jerseys
    '06 Ultra-Ultra Stars (Jersey)

    Mike Anderson (Broncos)
    '03 Honor Roll-Dean's List (Jersey) silver #103/200

    LaVar Arrington (Redskins)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Dual Jersey) #99/100

    Tiki Barber/Anthony Thomas
    '04 Prestige-League Leaders (Dual Jersey) #177/250

    Mike Bell
    '06 Topps DP&P-Senior Standouts (Jersey 2 colors)

    Tatum Bell (Broncos)
    '05 leaf Certified-Mirror White (Jersey) #110/175
    '06 Ultra-Ultra Stars (Jersey)
    '06 Gridiron Gear-Jersey #36/50

    Ladell Betts/Patrick Ramsey (Redskins)
    '02 UD Honor Roll-Great Connections (Dual jersey)

    Anquan Boldin (Cardinals)
    '06 Turkey Red-Jersey gold #15/25

    Kyle Boller (Ravens)
    '03 Honors-Rookie Gems RC #432/700 Jersey
    '03 Honor Roll-Dean's List Jersey
    '05 Zenith-Aerial Assault (Jersey)
    '06 UD Rookie Debut-Star Materials (Jersey)

    Drew Brees (Chargers)
    '02 Topps Reserve-(Jersey)
    '02 UD XL-Super Swatches #98/800 (Jersey)
    '02 Honor Roll-Up & Comming (Jersey)
    '03 Hot Prospects-Hot Materials red #28/50 (Jersey)
    '03 Hot Prospects-Hot Materials Jersey#71/150
    '04 Fleer Sweet Sigs-Sweet Stitches (Jersey)
    '05 Absolute-Leather (Football) #202/250

    Keith Brooking (Falcons)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)

    Chris Brown (Titans)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (dual Jersey) #2/75

    Reggie Brown (Eagles)
    '05 Sweet Spot-Sweet Swatches (Jersey)

    Ronnie Brown (Dolphins)
    '05 UD-Rookie Futures (Jersey)
    '05 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #345/350
    '06 UD-Game Materials (Jersey)
    '06 Absolute-Absolute Hereoes (Jersey) #104/150
    '06 Flair Showcase-Showcase (Jersey)

    Isaac Bruce (Rams)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #12/100

    Plaxico Burress (Steelers)
    '04 Fleer Sweet Sigs-Gridiron Heroes (Jersey)

    David Carr (Texans)
    '03 Fleer Showcase-Football's Best (Jersey)
    '03 UD Patch Collection-All Pro Performers
    '04 Skybox LE-Jersey #61/250
    '05 Prestige-Stars of the NFL (Jersey)
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Sunday Swatches (Jersey)
    '06 Prestige-Gridiron Heritage (Jersey)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Chris Chambers (Dolphins)
    '05 Absolute-Leather (Football) #11/250
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)

    Maurice Clarett (Broncos)
    '05 Honors-Rookie Gems O's (Patch) #11/25
    '05 Leaf R&S-Initial Steps (Shoe) #76/100
    '05 Zenith-Rookie Roll Call (Jersey)

    Dallas Clark (Colts)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Longevity (Jersey)#104/250

    Michael Clayton (Bucs)
    '04 UD Legends-Future Legends (Jersey)

    Kellen Clemens (Jets)
    '06 Absolute-NFL Jersey Collection

    Cedric Cobbs (Patriots)
    '04 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #400/500
    '04 Sweet Spot-Jersey

    Ryan Cobourne
    '03 UD Pros & Prospects-Game Day (Jersey) #21/75

    Kerry Colbert (Panthers)
    '04 Leaf R&S-#258 RC (Jersey) #743/750

    Dante Culpepper (Vikings)
    '03 UD Patch Collection-All Upper Deck
    '06 UD-Game Jersey) (Dolphins)
    '06 Gridiron Gear-"O" Jersey #42/50 (Dolphins)

    Algr Crumpler (Falcons)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Dante Culpepper/Aaron Brooks
    '02 Fleer Hot Prospects-Class of '99 (Dual Jersey)

    Devard Darling (Ravens)
    '04 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #34/500

    Domanick Davis (Texans)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Tools of the Trade (Dual Jersey) #68/100

    Stephen Davis (Redskins)
    '01 UD-Legends (Jersey)
    '02 UD MVP-Souvenirs (Jersey)
    '03 Prestige-Game Day Jersey
    '03 Skybox LE-Jersey Proof #174/175 (Panthers)
    '04 Skybox LE-Jersey #197/250 (Panthers)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey/Helmet) #92/100 (Panthers)

    Maurice Drew (Jaguars)
    '06 UD-Rookie Futures (Jersey)

    Warrick Dunn (Falcons)
    '04 UD-Rewind (Jersey)

    Braylon Edwards (Browns)
    '05 Leaf R&S-Inital Steps (Shoe) #78/100
    '05 UD-Rookie Futures (Jersey)

    Braylon Edwards/Charlie Frye (Browns)
    '05 Honors-Rookie Tandems (Dual Jersey)

    Antwaan Randle El (Steelers)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)
    '06 UD Rookie Debut-Star Materials (Jersey) (Redskins)

    Cirtrick Fason (Vikings)
    '05 Leaf R&S-#259 RC/Jersey #747/750
    '05 Donruss Gridiron Gear-#136 RC (Jersey) #11/75

    Marshall Faulk (Rams)
    '01 UD-Championship Threads (Jersey)
    '03 UD Pros & Prospects-Game Day Jersey #211/350
    '03 Fleer Authentix-Authentix (Jersey) ripped
    '04 Fleer Authentix-Authentix (Jersey) #344/350
    '04 Absolute-Leather & Laces (Football) #170/250
    '05 Ultra-TD Kings (Jersey)

    Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
    '05 Prestige-Gridiron Heritage (Jersey)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    DeShaun Foster (Panthers)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Charlie Frye (Browns)
    '05 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Antonio Gates (Chargers)
    '06 UD-XL Memorabilia (4 pieces of Jersey)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)
    '06 Gridiron Gear-Jersey #40/50
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Eddie George (Titans)
    '04 Absolute Memorabilia-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #73/100

    Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs)
    '05 Prestige-Game Day Jerseys
    '06 Gridiron Gear-Jersey #78/125

    Frank Gore (49ers)
    '06 Topps Turkey Red-Jersey

    Trent Green (Chiefs)
    '06 Ultra-Ultra Stars (Jersey)

    Rex Grossman (Bears)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Derrick Hamilton (49er's)
    '04 Absolute-RC (Jersey/Football) #81/750

    Marvin Harrison (Colts)
    '01 EX-Turf Team (GU Turf)
    '03 Donruss Classics-Dress Code (Patch 2 colors) #536/550
    '04 UD Diamond Collection-Dean's List (Jersey)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)

    Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks)
    '04 Leaf R&S-Longevity Jersey #42/75

    Priest Holmes (Chiefs)
    '04 Skybox LE-Jersey #20/250
    '04 Fleer Sweet Sigs-End Zone Kings (Jersey)
    '05 Turkey Red-Jersey (Red)#260/299, #281/299
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)
    '06 Ultra-Scoring Kings (Jersey)
    '06 Fleer Hot Prospects-Retrospective (Jersey)

    Torry Holt (Rams)
    '02 Ultra-League Leaders (Jersey)
    '03 Honor Roll-Dean's List (Jersey)
    '04 UD Diamond Collection-Dean's List (Jersey)
    '05 UD Kickoff-Jersey

    Steve Hutchinson (Seahawks)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)

    Vincent Jackson (Chargers)
    '05 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Edgerrin James (Colts)
    '02 Topps Gallery Heritage-Jersey
    '02 UD Honor Roll-Clutch Performers (Jersey)
    '02 UD Ovation-Tried & True (Jersey)
    '03 Skybox LE-Jersey Proof #158/175
    '03 Leaf Limited-Limited Threads #18/50
    '04 Fleer Showcase-Showcase Grace (Jersey) #238/300
    '05 Zenith-Jersey
    '06 Donruss Classics-Vip Membership (Jersey) #16/250
    '06 Topps-Pro Bowl (Jersey)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey/Receivig Glove) #55/100

    Edgerrin James/Eddie George
    '01 Bowman's Best-Franchise Favorites (Dual Jersey)

    Andre Johnson (Texans)
    '06 Gridiron Gear-Player Timeline (Jersey) #91/200

    Bryant Johnson (Cardinals)
    '06 Prestige-Prestigious Pros (Jersey)

    Jason Johnson
    '03 UD Pros & Prospects-Game Day (Jersey) #220/350

    Adam Jones (Titans)
    '05 UD Rookie Materials-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection
    '05 Honors-Rookie Gems (Jersey) #749/750

    Julius Jones (Cowboys)
    '06 UD-Game Materials (Jersey)

    Kevin Jones (Lions)
    '05 UD-Game Jersey
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey
    '06 Fleer-Fabrics (Jersey)

    Matt Jones (Jaguars)
    '05 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Thomas Jones
    '01 UD MVP-MVP Souvenirs (Football)

    Jevon Kearse (Eagles)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #1/3

    Stefan LeFors (Panthers)
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Saturday Swatches (Jersey)
    '05 UD-Game Jersey

    Byron Leftwich (Jaguars)
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Sunday Swatches (Jersey)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)
    '06 Ultra-Ultra Stars (Jersey)
    '06 Fleer-Fleer Fabrics (Jersey)

    Matt Leinart (Cardinals)
    '06 Turkey Red-Jersey

    Ashley Lelie (Broncos)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #48/100

    Jamal Lewis (Ravens)
    '04 Topps Chrome-Pro Bowl (Jersey)

    Curtis Martin (Jets)
    '02 Pacific-Jersey
    '03 Honor Roll-Dean's List Jersey
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Sunday Swatches (Jersey)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Jersey) #40/100

    Deuce McAllister (Saints)
    '03 Topps Pristine-Pristine Performers (Jersey)
    '04 Fleer Showcase-Showcase Grace (Jersey)
    '04 UD-Game Jersey
    '06 Topps DP&P-Upper Classmen (Jersey)

    Sultan McCullough
    '03 UD Pros & Prospects-Game Day (Jersey) #32/75

    Willis McGahee (Bills)
    '06 Ultra-Scoring Kings (Jersey)

    Steve McNair (Titans)
    '02 Topps Reserve-Jersey
    '04 Fleer Genuine-Genuine Article (Jersey)
    '05 Absolute-Leather (Football) #133/250

    Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
    '01 UD MVP-Souvenirs Football
    '03 Honor Roll-Dean's List Jersey
    '04 Fleer Inscribed-Names of the Game (Jersey)
    '05 Ultra-TD Kings (Jersey) #7/250

    Mewelde Moore (Vikings)/Bernard Berrian (Bears)
    '04 Honors-Rookie Tandems (Dual Jersey)

    Vernand Morency (Texans)
    '05 Sweet Spot-Sweer Swatches (Jersey)

    Randy Moss (Vikings)
    '01 UD MVP-MVP Souvenirs Football
    '06 Fleer-Fleer Fabrics (Jersey) (Raiders)
    '06 Fleer Hot Prospects-Retrospective (Jersey) (Raiders)

    Santana Moss (Jets)
    '04 Fleer Showcase-Showcase Grace Jersey #294/300
    '04 Fleer Authentix-Authentix (Jersey) #177/255
    '05 Prestige-Gridiron Heritage (Jersey)

    Sinorice Moss (Miami)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Senior Standouts (Jersey)

    Donte Nicholson
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Saturday Swatches Limited (Jersey)

    Jerious Norwood (Falcons)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Dress for Success (Dual Facemask Pieces) #169/350

    Kyle Orton (Bears)
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Saturday Swatches (Jersey)
    '05 Sweet Spot-Sweet Swatches (Jersey)

    Chad Pennington (Jets)
    '06 Fleer-Fabrics (Jersey)
    '06 Gridiron Gear-Jersey

    Julius Peppers (Panthers)
    '03 UD Standing "O"-Jersey
    '05 Prestige-Game Day Jersey

    Chris Perry
    '04 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #251/500 #186/500
    '04 Leaf R&S-Masks (dual facemask) #154/325

    Todd Pinkston (Eagles)
    '02 Leaf Certified-Mirror Blue #28/50 Jersey

    Artose Pinner (Lions)
    '03 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation Jersey #79/600

    Jake Plummer (Cardinals)
    '02 Pacific-Jersey
    '06 UD-Game Jersey

    Jerry Porter (Raiders)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Standing Ovation (Jersey) #174/250

    Joey Porter (Steelers)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)

    Clinton Portis (Broncos)
    '03 Fleer Genuine-Touchdown Threats
    '04 Skybox LE-Jersey #36/250 (Redskins)
    '05 Ultra-TD Kings (Jersey)

    Peerless Price (Bills)
    '02 Pacific-Adrenline-Jersey
    '02 Ovation-Bound for Glory Jersey
    '04 Fleer Sweet Sigs-Sweet Stitches (Jersey) (Falcons)
    '05 Prestige-Gridiron Heritage Jersey (Falcons)
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Sunday Swatches (Jersey) (Falcons)

    Dave Ragone/Kliff Kingsbury
    '03 UD Pros & Prospects-Game Day (Dual Jersey) #18/350

    Josh Reed (Bills)
    '02 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation #371/650 (Jersey)

    Jerry Rice (Raiders)
    '03 SP Game Used-Jersey

    Carlos Rogers (Redskins)
    '05 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection
    '05 Zenith-Rookie Roll Call (Jersey)

    Charles Rogers (Lions)
    '04 Flair-Hot Numbers (Jersey)
    '04 Flair-Diamond Cuts (Jersey)
    '04 UD Diamond Collection-Future Gems (Jersey)
    '05 UD Kickoff-Jersey

    Antrel Rolle (Cardinals)
    '05 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #103/350

    Frank Sanders (Cardinals)
    '03 Prestige-Game Day Patch (2 Colors)

    Jeremy Shockey (Giants)
    '04 UD Reflections-Focus on the Future (Jersey)

    Chris Simms (Bucs)
    '06 Leaf R&S-"O" Jersey #27/50

    Emmitt Smith (Cowboys)
    '03 Flair-Canton Calling (Jersey) (Cardinals)
    '03 Fleer Focus-NFL Shirtified (Jersey) (Cardinals) #80/175
    '03 Fleer Genuine-Genuine Article (Jersey) (Cardinals)
    '03 SP Authentic-Authentic Threads (Jersey) (Cardinals)
    '04 SP-Authentic Fabrics (Jersey) (Cardinals)

    Jimmy Smith (Jaguars)
    '06 Donruss Threads-Football #208/275

    Lamar Smith (Dolphins)
    '01 Leaf R&S-Dressed for Success Jersey/Pants
    '03 Prestige-Gridiron Heritage #96/100 Helmet

    Onterrio Smith (Vikings)
    '03 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation #545/600

    Steve Smith (Panthers)
    '04 Absolute Memorabilia-Leather & Laces (Football) #156/250
    '06 Ultra-Scoring Kings (Jersey)
    '06 Topps-All Pro Relics (Jersey)
    '06 UD-Game Jersey

    Marcus Spears
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Saturday Swatches (Jersey)

    Donte Stallworth (Saints)
    '02 Topps Pristine-NFL Rookie Premiere (Jersey)

    Terrell Suggs (Ravens)
    '03 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation Jersey #436/600
    '05 Topps Turkey Red-Jersey #153/299 red

    Fred Taylor (Jaguars)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (jersey) #28/50 jersey #
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey

    Anthony Thomas (Bears)
    '02 Flair-Franchise Favorites (Patch) 3 colors

    Santonio Thomas
    '05 UD Rookie Debut-Saturday Swatches Limited (Jersey)

    Zach Thomas (Dolphins)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Elements (Jersey) #26/100

    LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Elements (Jersey) #67/250

    Amani Toomer (Giants)
    '06 Absolute-Tools of the Trade (Dual Jersey) #49/100

    Ben Troupe (Titans)
    '04 Absolute Memorabilia-#233 RC (Jersey/Football) #514/750
    '04 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #395/500

    Marcus Trufant (Seahawks)
    '03 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation #236/600 (Jersey)
    '03 Honors-Rookie Gems RC gold #25/25 (Jersey)

    Lawrence Vickers (Colorado)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Senior Standouts (Jersey)

    Andrew Walter (Raiders)
    '05 UD Rookie Materials-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Kurt Warner (Rams)
    '02 Donruss-Jersey Kings #39/125 Jersey

    Reggie Wayne (Colts)
    '06 Leaf R&S-Jersey #18/250
    '06 Flair Showcase-Showcase (Jersey)

    Charlie Whitehurst (Chargers)
    '06 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection

    Brandon Williams (49ers)
    '06 Flair Showcase-Showcase (jersey)

    Demetrius Williams (Ravens)
    '06 Absolute-War Room (Jersey) #36100

    Reggie Williams (Jaguars)
    '04 Leaf R&S-Freshman Orientation (Jersey) #222/500
    '04 Leaf R&S-#270 RC (Jersey) #394/750

    Roy Williams (Lions)
    '05 Ultra-All Ultra Team (Jersey)

    Roy Williams (Cowboys)
    '05 Topps Chrome-Pro Bowl Premiums (Jersey)

    T.J. Williams (N C State)
    '06 Topps DP&P-Senior Standouts (jersey)

    Troy Williamson (Vikings)
    '05 Absolute-NFL Rookie Jersey Collection


    '99 Sage
    Donovan McNabb (gold) $100

    '99 Edge Advantage
    Rahim Abdullah (RC) (Clemson uniform)

    '00 Topps Gold Label
    Chris Redman (Ravens)

    '01 Leaf Quantum-All Millennium
    Irving Fryar (Dolphins) Auto/Patch #23/100 $80

    '01 Topps Reprint
    Charlie Joiner (Chargers) $15

    '01 Fleer-Autographics
    David Terrell (Bears)
    Travis Henry (Bills)

    '01 Topps Archives-Reprint
    Henry Ellard (Rams)

    '01 Topps Reserve
    Quincy Morgan (Browns)
    Koren Robinson (Seahawks)

    '01 Bowman's Best
    Dan Morgan (Panthers)
    Sammy Morris (Bills)
    Jesse Palmer (Giants)

    '02 Topps Debut
    Andre Davis (RC) (Viginia Teck Uniform) #366/1499

    '02 Topps Gallery
    John Abraham (Jets)

    '03 Bowman's Chrome Rookie Auto's
    Rex Grossman (Bears) $135
    Charles Tillman (Bears)
    Arnaz Battle (49er's)

    '03 UD Honor Roll-Letterman
    Marvin Minnis (Chiefs)
    Todd Heap (Ravens) $25

    '03 UD Standing "O"
    Brandon Doman (49er's)
    DeShaun Foster (Panthers)

    '03 UD Pros & Prospects
    Quentin Griffin (Auto) RC/Antwone Savage RC #96/2000
    Isaac Bruce (Auto)/Billy McMullen

    '04 Bowman's Chrome Rookie Auto's
    Cody Pickett (49er's)
    John Navarre (Cardinals)
    Michael Boulware (Seahawks)

    '04 Sweet Spot-rookie signatures tier two
    Devard Darling (Ravens) #21/699

    '05 Topps
    Junior Siavii (Chiefs)
    Anthony Davis (Wisconsin uniform)

    '05 Topps DP&P-Class Marks
    Fred Gibson
    Marlin Jackson
    Charles Frederick

    '05 UD Foundations RC/Auto
    Erasmus James (Vikings) #299/575

    Always adding New Cards, so check back again.
    104 all positive feedbacks on Card Trading Fools
    97 all positive feedbacks on Trader Retreat

    My main wants are GU or Auto's of these players, but will look at all trade lists.

    BASEBALL-Griffey, McGwire, Ripken, Arod, Piazza, Whitey Ford, Fred Lynn, Duke Snider, Harmon Killebrew, Yogi Berra, Al Kaline, Nellie Fox, Tony Kubrek, Ted Kluszewski, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Rocky Colavito

    FOOTBALL-Marino, Emmitt (Cowboys), Manning (Archie, Peyton, Eli), Deuce
    McAllister, Michael Clayton, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Namath, Bob Griese, Bletnkoff

    '04 Fleer Greats GU in both Baseball & Football

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    Do you see anything for the Grossman auto rc and Reggie Wayne game used cards?

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    I like both Braylon Edwards. LMK if I have anything you want for it. Thanks.

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    Detroitfan113-------Checked your site and nothing I can use.

    hunter082006-------Checked your site and nothing i can use.

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    Marvin Harrison (Colts)
    '03 Donruss Classics-Dress Code (Patch 2 colors) #536/550

    LMk on this..thanks

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    '99 Sage
    Donovan McNabb (gold) $100

    i will give you everything on this list for it....
    2006 aspire d'brickshaw feguson rc auto
    2005 upperdeck rookie jersey collection stefan lefors event used jersey
    2006 topps senior standouts d'brickshaw ferguson gu
    2005 bowman throwback threads ryan moats gu
    2006 donrussplayer timeline marcedes lewis rc #d to 500
    2006 threads jake delhomme #d to 250
    2006 topps total vince young rc
    2002 fleer hot prospect deshaun foster rc gu #d to 100 SGC graded 92/8.5
    2001 pacific michael bennet rc gu #d to 75
    2005 threads charlie whitehurst gu #d to 500

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    nflcardlover---------Thanks for the reply, but can't do that trade

    FlyShyts------------Sorry nothing I can use for the Harrison Patch. Wish I had something for the Clayton auto. Thanks anyway.

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    Anquan Boldin (Cardinals)
    '06 Prestige-Prestigious Pros (Jersey)
    '06 Turkey Red-Jersey gold #15/25

    Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
    '06 Ultra-Ultra Achievements (Jersey)
    '06 UD-Game Materials (Jersey)

    Larry Fitzgerald/DeAngelo Hall
    '04 Honors-Rookie Tandems (Dual Jersey)

    i need those

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