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    Smile Superstar Player Trade Lot's(scan's in my bucket)

    i have scanned little player lot's of these players. most are worth only a couple dollers a piece if that, but im trying to consoladte my collection so ill trade these superstar player lots for one card that seems fair and reasonable. just make a offer if you feel you would like one of these lots, im trying to trade them as a whole too, cause i know some of you would only want a couple out of it. thing is i just threw away over 20,000 cards last night, and i pulled all the superstar cards out of them, i still have tons more card to go though. i just dont have room for these cards, anymore, and ill never put together set of some of the lower quality cards i threw away, so if you have a player not listed, let me know and i can put together a lot for you of the person you want.
    Alex Rodriguez

    Barry Bonds

    Derek Jeter

    Ken Griffey Jr

    Mark McGuire
    Mike Piazza

  2. Kronozio
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    lol, most of the cards in the lot's are only worth a couple dollers a piece, not the lot's are worth a couple doller's a piece. i think i worded that wrong, lol

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    it's in my bucket all the scan's, i will be scanning for of all the player's tonight cause i found more

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    Hey, you have amazing cards like the Howard, Reyes, and Pulols, rookie cards and I would like to trade so much or maybe buy them if you want. Thanks!!!!!

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    thanks man, i think thats the first compliment ive gotten on my collection, ive been collecting a year and a half now, since i stopped 10 years ago when i was 16. none of my stuff is really for sale. i dont like selling cards unless the money is going to me getting a better card, and most of my higher doller cards are really only up for trade for players in my signature of the same value.

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    Hey greengizzle, what do you need for the Jay Bruce sterling? LMK if you like anything of mine.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Added More To The List. I Dont Want To Give Up That Bruce Sterling, It Took Me A While To Come Up With It. Unless Its A Zimmerman I Need Really Bad

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    Interested in the Pujols lot.
    Can you use a Jay Bruce 05 Heritage DP Variation SP at $12 BV? Prolly have to add a bit more but it might be a start.


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