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    Nice Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard triple jersey

    03 04 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Triple Jersey card of Jalen Rose, Chris Webber and Juwan Howard numbered 12/15....only 15 made. The Rose is a 3 color, webber is a 3 color, and the howard is a 2 color possibly 3 color. Anyone interested???

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    Umm id be interested in selling it, if u dont want to buy it I am open to trading for anything, what would u offer for it?

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    only trading what uniforms are they all in?how much bv are you looking for?

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    rose is in a bulls uniform, webber is a sacremento uniform and the howard is a nuggets jersey, i would be looking for around 100-150 bv

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    ok don't have that much to give forgot it was mystique very nice brand and a very nice card though.


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    bump it back anyone willing to trade?? theres gotta be a michigan fan out there

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    PM member MJackson3CW24 - I know he is a Michigan fan

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