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Thread: Bowman Chrome Footbal Needs!!!

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    Thumbs up Bowman Chrome Footbal Needs!!!

    I will buy or trade.
    2006 Bowman Chrome Football
    57,59,61,64,65,68,69,73,81,82,89,90,91,95,97,99,10 1,104,109,117,121,145,
    147,153,157,215,221,223,231,233,235,237,240,245,24 9,251,254,258,262,263,266,270,272,274

    OK just for the fun of it here is my best pull..Not Bad. It is now on ebay for sale not trading it right now.

  2. Kronozio
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    dont have any of the chrome cards but that is a very nice bush auto...what is the BV on that and did you pull that out of a regular 2006 bowman pack?

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    o and just to let you the Pack/Box breaks thread....someone broke 06 bowman chrome and i believe most of it is F/T so you might wanna check that out

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    I have 57, 65, 95, 117, 121 and 147 for you if you need them

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