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    I need some opinions on what to buy box wise

    I have $250 to buy boxes. I usually buy all my boxes from a certain site just for the fact all orders over $100 you get free shipping. Here are my choices and prices (all are hobby boxes):

    2006 products price

    Bowman Chrome 79.95
    Bowman 57.95
    Bowman HTA Jumbo 84.95
    Donruss Classics 104.95
    Donruss Elite 94.95
    Gridiron Gear 109.95
    Donrus Threads 158.95
    FLeer 36.95
    Hot Prospects 108.95
    Flair Showcase 61.95
    Fleer Ultra 36.95
    LCM 127.95
    Leaf Limited 59.95
    Leaf R&S 88.95
    Leaf R&S longevity 39.95
    Absolute Memorabillia 149.95
    Playoff COntenders 141.95
    Playoff NFL Playoffs tin 53.95
    Prestige 64.95
    Topps Chrome 113.95
    Topps DP&P 35.95
    Topps 34.95
    Topps HTA Jumbo 49.95
    Topps Rack Box 39.95
    Topps Finest 134.95
    Topps Heritage 42.95
    Topps Total 28.95
    Topps Triple Threads 189.95
    Topps Turkey Red 71.95
    Upperdeck 63.95
    UD Legends 64.95
    UD Rookie Debut 54.95
    Sp Authentic 137.95
    SPx 109.95
    Sweetspot 87.95

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    Bowman Chrome 79.95 = Great looking product
    Bowman 57.95 = Nah, stay away
    Bowman HTA Jumbo 84.95 = Don't know enough about this one
    Donruss Classics 104.95 = Always love classic but you might get a scrub veteran.
    Donruss Elite 94.95 = Don't know enough about this one
    Gridiron Gear 109.95 = Love this product, one of my favorites of the year
    Donrus Threads 158.95 = Sweet stuff, second on my list
    Fleer 36.95 = Don't like it
    Hot Prospects 108.95 = Don't like the look this year.
    Flair Showcase 61.95 = sharp looking cards, not sure of the odds though.
    Fleer Ultra 36.95 = if you pull a lucky 13 it's worth it.
    LCM 127.95 = Another of the great looking products but have seen bad busts
    Leaf Limited 59.95 = Stay away
    Leaf R&S 88.95 = Didn't like it.
    Leaf R&S longevity 39.95 = Stay far away
    Absolute Memorabillia 149.95 = Awesome looking stuff and great hits, also my # 2 pick
    Playoff Contenders 141.95 = The SPs aren't even going for that much, is it worth it?
    Playoff NFL Playoffs tin 53.95 = Don't know enough about this stuff
    Prestige 64.95 = love the look of this, # 3 of the ones i've mentioned
    Topps Chrome 113.95 = Got a hobby box for christmas and it was horrible
    Topps DP&P 35.95 = Plenty of rookies and either an auto and GU or 2 GU per box
    Topps 34.95 = Hobby doesn't guarentee any autos or GU
    Topps HTA Jumbo 49.95 = This is the one if you go this way
    Topps Rack Box 39.95 = Unsure of difference
    Topps Finest 134.95 = too much for this box
    Topps Heritage 42.95 = love the look of this stuff
    Topps Total 28.95 = How can you go wrong with that price
    Topps Triple Threads 189.95 = been delayed 3 times in shipping, still waiting on my box
    Topps Turkey Red 71.95 = This is a nice product but too many parallels
    Upperdeck 63.95 = Nice stuff but the chance of a redemption looms big
    UD Legends 64.95 = Same as the classic but if you pull one of the big names it is sweet
    UD Rookie Debut 54.95 = Didn't like this one last year or this year
    Sp Authentic 137.95 = Not worth it in my opinion
    SPx 109.95 = It has been hit or miss
    Sweetspot 87.95 = Stay away

    What about these ones; Press Pass or Press Pass Legends? I didn't mention Sage because I don't like it as much and PP is on the card autos.

    Of course all these are my personal opinions and no way are the opinions of SCF as a whole. Good luck and I call dibbs on Matt Schaub and the Steelers. :)

    Can you pm me with the site you are talking about?

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    what are you going for hits or sets that makes the diff. if sets topps and bowman chrome as long as you got the frist 50 cards from bowman.

    hits hes #2 and contenders the odds of hitting a bigger name or short is like 1 out of 12 i think i dont mean a bush young or leinart but think of this draft class there are so many quilty autos. so it just depends me i dont like any upper deck. topps chrome is the best to me when it first came out now it way over priced but. good luck but its a hobby just open for fun we all want that monster hit. if you read in last month beckett a man in jacksonville nc got the 1/1 reggie bush auto at a store called grand slam sports. well to make a long store short lets say i had them boxes in my hand went to the counter and then turned around ad bought somthing else. yes thats the die i dyed alittle inside. i say it over and over just have fun it it looks good to you buy it.

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    I am not a big set collector, but who knows lol.

    I have had some great luck with Topps Turkey Red this year, half tempted to buy a box instead of busting just single packs lol. I've pulled a 1/1 press plate of DeAngelo Williams and a Jay Cutler Topps signature Edition auto from maybe my luck could keep going lol.

    So far it looks like i might get 2 boxes of Topps Turkey Red and 1 Gridiron gear, but still unsure. I'll wait for some more opinions. But I know for sure what ever I do end up buying I will at least get one Topps Turkey Red lol.

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    You will of course hear how people have been burned with Gridiron but as tint says it is a gamble and breaks should be for fun and not the monetary value per box. What you have pulled in the past from Red makes it sound like a sweet idea, good luck.

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    thanks man. I will definetly being doing some live breaks once I do recieve the boxes, after i decide what to get lol. I love breaking packs, its gambling, its addicting and exciting lol. Been doing it sense I was little. Maybe just maybe I'll break the habbit, but seriously doubt it lol. Oh well I guess a couple hundred dollars each month aint so bad..or maybe its a horrible habbit haha. But most of the time I make more than what I spend on the boxes..just hope my luck keeps up.

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