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    Wow- I cant even make a 5.00 trade any more

    I guess my cards do suck that bad- so Im selling them. Heres the list, Im selling relatively inexpensively. Im tired of people only wanting high end for low end, and Im amazed that I cant even make a trade to get the cards of the crappy players I collect. Heres my list- make an offer or ask for the price on anything

    Game Used
    2001 SP Game Bat Edition International Connection Adrian Beltre Bat
    2006 Upper Deck Team Pride Trevor Hoffman Jersey
    2006 Upper Deck Team Pride Sean Casey Jersey

    1997 Score Board Kerry Wood
    1999 SP Signature Edition Scott Rolen
    2005 Bowman Signs of the Future Bill Bray
    2006 SP Authentic By The Letter Hanley Ramirez "Z" Patch 3/125
    2006 SP Authentic Chris Denorfia RC 66/899
    2006 Sweet Spot Update Josh Rupe Redemption- being redeemed
    2006 Topps Turkey Red Chris Nelson White 110/200

    Numbered rookies
    2005 Topps U&H Gold Aaron Thompson 1595/2005
    2006 SP Authentic Future Watch Norberto Gonzalez 1/999
    2006 SP Authentic Future Watch Sharnol Adriana 858/999
    2006 SP Authentic Future Watch Mario Valenzuela 355/999

    Numbered non-rookies
    2005 Topps Heritage Chrome Paul LoDuca 1749/1956
    2005 Topps U&H Gold Jon Lieber 1583/2005
    2006 Topps U&H Gold Casey Janssen 1961/2006
    2006 Topps U&H Gold Ronny Cedeno 206/2006
    2006 Topps U&H Gold Postseason Highlights 923/2006
    2006 SP Authentic Adam Dunn 201/899
    2006 SP Authentic Brian Giles 896/899
    2006 SP Authentic Bronson Arroyo 207/899
    2006 SP Authentic Manny Ramirez 792/899


    Game Used
    2003 Donruss Classics Dress Code Dennis Northcutt Jersey 20/550
    2004 UD Legends Future NFL Legends Kellen Winslow Jr Jersey
    2006 Donruss Threads Rookie Collection Travis Wilson Jersey 412/500
    2006 Leaf R&S Longevity Mirror Gold Willis Mcgahee Jersey 94/250
    2006 Leaf R&S Standing Ovation Willis McGahee Jersey 2/250
    2006 Bowman Sterling Chad Jackson Jersey
    2006 Turkey Red Lavar Arrington Pro Bowl Jersey
    2006 Leaf R&S Freshman Orientation Brandon Marshall Jersey 116/125

    2003 Contenders Kenny Peterson RC 658/674 Stamped NO AUTO
    2003 SP Authentic Nate Hybl RC 950/1200
    2004 Fleer Authentic David Carr 165/250
    2005 Leaf R&S Great American Heroes Antonio Gates 48/100
    2005 Foundations Derek Anderson RC 216/699
    2005 Reflections Signature Reflections Derek Anderson
    2006 Bowman Signs of the Future Martin Nance
    2006 Topps DP&P Class Marks Travis Wilson
    2006 Press Pass Jerome Harrison
    2006 Classics DQwell Jackson RC 191/599
    2006 Sweet Spot Signatures Jonathan Orr
    2006 Bowman Sterling Brian Calhoun Jersey/Auto RC
    2006 Turkey Red "variation" Leonard Pope Redemption
    2006 Hot Prospects Travis Wilson Quad Jersey/Auto RC 55/999

    Numbered rookies
    2002 UD XL Holofoil Bryant McKinnie 42/65
    2003 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Talman Gardner 35/100
    2003 Topps Black Michael Haynes 131/150
    2004 SP Game Used Philip Rivers 225/425
    2004 Flair Philip Rivers 51/799
    2006 Leaf R&S Haloti Ngota 240/599
    2006 Leaf R&S Daniel Bullocks 120/999
    2006 Leaf R&S Mike Hass 647/999
    2006 Leaf R&S Jon Alston 632/999
    2006 Leaf R&S Victor Adeyanju 595/999
    2006 Sweet Spot Jamar Williams 445/699
    2006 Absolute Jeremy Bloom 725/999
    2006 Absolute Claude Wroten 501/999
    2006 Prestige Xtra Points Purple Jeremy Bloom 62/75
    2006 Prestige Xtra Points Purple Darrell Hackney 36/75
    2006 Classics Timeless Tributes Travis Wilson 22/25
    2006 Donruss Threads Jerome Harrison 49/250
    2006 Donruss Threads Jerome Harrison 79/250
    2006 Donruss Threads D'Qwell Jackson 614/999
    2006 Finest Refractor Haloti Ngota 251/399
    2006 Finest XFractor Cory Rodgers 158/250
    2006 Finest Green Refractor Darnell Bing 112/199
    2006 Bowman Blue Darnell Bing 226/500
    2006 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Omar Gaither 40/50
    2006 Bowman Chrome Refractor JJ Outlaw 53/500
    2006 Topps DP&P Bronze Refractor Joe Klopfenstein 487/499
    2006 Topps DP&P Silver Refractor Manny Lawson 179/199
    2006 Ultimate Collection Tambi Hali 220/275
    2006 Ultimate Collection Ahmad Brooks 147/275
    2006 Topps Heritage Chrome Vernon Davis 1438/1952

    Numbered Non-Rookies
    2000 Bowman Gold Charles Johnson 6/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Jake Plummer 19/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Jimmy Smith 64/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Rich Gannon 27/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Jevon Kearse 44/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Az Hakim 29/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Terry Glenn 82/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Troy Edwards 18/99
    2000 Bowman Gold EG Green 86/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Bill Schroeder 58/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Jamal Anderson 91/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Kevin Dyson 40/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Frank Wycheck 5/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Ricky Watters 3/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Jeff Blake 57/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Corey Dillon 34/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Napoleon Kaufmann 16/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Joey Galloway 52/99
    2000 Bowman Gold Tony Banks 41/99
    2003 Honors X's Patrick Ramsey 174/250
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Mike Vick 25/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Eric Moulds 25/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Roy Williams 21/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Michael Bennett 82/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Junior Seau 6/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Koren Robinson 18/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Steve McNair 75/150
    2003 Classics Timeless Tributes Darryle Lamonica 109/150
    2005 Leaf Limited John Elway 578/599
    2005 Classics Legendary Players Deion Sanders 495/1000
    2005 Contenders MVP Contenders Byron Leftwich 1106/1250
    2005 Leaf R&S Crusade Emerald Steve McNair 599/750
    2006 Classics Timeless Triples Rice/Jackson/Allen 344/1000
    2006 Classics Saturday Stars Edgerrin James 888/1000
    2006 Classics Legends Timeless Tributes John Unitas 78/100
    2006 Classics Saturday Stars Fred Taylor 71/100
    2006 Topps Gold Byron Leftwich 1166/2006
    2006 Absolute Tools of the Trade Keenan McCardell 10/25
    2006 Prestige XTra Points Purple Trent Dilfer 69/75
    2006 Elite Zoning Comission Drew Brees 499/1000
    2006 Finest Blue Refractor Matt Hasselbeck 250/299
    2006 Bowman Blue Terrell Owens 371/500
    2006 Bowman Blue Michael Jenkins 97/500
    2006 Leaf R&S Longevity Fred Taylor 159/199
    2006 Ultimate Collection Roscoe Parrish 99/525
    2006 Ultimate Collection Travis Taylor 450/525
    2006 Turkey Red Gold Donte Stallworth 36/50
    2006 Contenders ROY Contenders Jay Cutler 486/1000
    2006 Contenders ROY Contenders Mike Bell 537/1000


    Game Used
    2004-05 SP Signature Edition Retro Remnants Delonte West RC Jersey 18/499
    2004-05 Fleer Rookie Throwback Threads Sebastian Telfair Jersey
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches David West/Tyson Chandler Dual Jersey 72/199
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches Jamaal Tinsley/Jermaine O Neal Dual Jersey 66/199
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Sweet Stitches Zydrunas Ilgauskas Jersey
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Sweet Stitches Stromile Swift Jersey
    2006-07 Bowman DP&S Bowman Relics Carmelo Anthony Jersey
    2006-07 Bowman DP&S Bowman Relics Jordan Farmar Jersey

    2002-03 Inspirations Marcus Haislip/Kenyon Martin 315/1600
    2003-04 Bowman Signature Uncirculated Zoran Planinic 187/1250
    2003-04 Skybox Autographics Silver Travis Hansen 92/150
    2003-04 Bowman Signature Maciej Lampe RC 205/1250
    2005-06 Topps Big Game Collection Jason Kidd Auto/Jersey 37/199
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Bobby Jones RC 178/799
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Hassan Adams RC 624/799
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Quincy Douby RC 193/799
    2006-07 Bowman Chrome Ryan Hollins RC

    Numbered Rookies
    2004-05 SPX John Edwards 1382/1999
    2005-06 UD Portraits Ryan Gomes 25/75
    2005-06 UD Portraits Wayne Simien 352/399
    2005-06 Luxury Box Martynas Andriuskevicius 307/350

    Numbered Non Rookies
    2005-06 Topps Chrome Refractor Jared Jeffries 401/999
    2006-07 Topps Gold Jameer Nelson 65/500
    2006-07 Sweet Shot Rashard Lewis 123/199
    2006-07 Bowman Chrome XFractor Ben Wallace 110/150

    2000 Press Pass Rage Graffiti Rat Sult Auto
    2003 Fleer WWE Divine Divas On Location Victoria Event Used Clothing
    2006 Topps WWE Heritage Ringside Relics Gregory Helms/ Super Crazy Event Used Ring Mat
    No more trading. buying and selling only. Trading has become impossible

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    Hidden Content
    "Amidst the uncertainties of war, every soldier is entitled to one certainty...that he will not be forgotten.
    Poor is the nation that has no heroes, shameful is the one that, having them...forgets."

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    How much on these:

    2006 Bowman Sterling Brian Calhoun Jersey/Auto RC
    2005 Leaf R&S Great American Heroes Antonio Gates 48/100

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    Ed, I'm sorry I didn't find anything for the cards you wanted, but I just really don't want to mess with base stuff anymore. I don't have the room or the time for it.

    If you want the two chrome rookies, they're yours. Just PM me your address, and I'll send them out to you.

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    duane- ok, no problem

    detroitfan- 25 on gates(one of the few im not in a hurry to sell), 8 on calhoun

    Craig- this post is not directed at you specifically, or at any one person, i just find it getting to be so hard to trade that Im not sure I really want to bother any more. Ill sell the stuff I dont want and buy the stuff I do

    Jay- thanks a lot. the roads here in cleveland suck, so I didnt get your cards out today, but they will go out tomorrow. thanks for the patience


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    Hey man I feel you 100% of the way. I just started collecting and every thread I post in I "don't have anything anybody needs right now." If you are interested in anything I have, we can cut a deal. I haven't even looked at what you have, just saw your dilemma and had to let you know i'm in the same boat.

    Edit- I know I don't have the best cards, but it's the same deal where if I don't have a Tomlinson Auto RC, nobody wants anything to do with it. I like your Winslow and Willis GU. LMK. If I don't have anything, that's fine, it just seems I have to buy $80 cards to trade now.

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    ABDB- Id need 25 on hanley, not super keen on unloading it for less than that

    Detroitfan- I like this of yours, what can we work out?
    Kam Wimbley Bowman Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by palantri
    ABDB- Id need 25 on hanley, not super keen on unloading it for less than that

    Detroitfan- I like this of yours, what can we work out?
    Kam Wimbley Bowman Gold
    ok thats a good price but im not looking to pay that right now sorry...

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