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    Talking need Brad Boyes and other current Bruins trading football

    plmk what you have and bv. i can trade football and possibly buy if you sell at an AWESOME price thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    I have a 05-06 BD Boyes Gemography. I''ll sacrifice it at $9. USd.


    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    I have a whole bunch of his stuff but am not selling for cheap since he does well on ebay.
    Also have alot of Bourque, Neely, some Orr inserts, Alberts, Jurcina and Sigalet.
    LMK by PM what you want to spend since I don't collect football.

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    I've got Alberts MVP, Victory and Ice RC's as well as a Stuart Victory RC and a bunch of inserts. Take a look and lmk if you need any.

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    Oh yeah I've also got the Bergeron mini jersey if you're interested.

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    sorry guys my money is gone :( if anybody collects football lmk

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