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    This world is offically in the 7th level of hell


    FOR 7 $&!@#(* CARDS. 1 PACK 7 CARDS??????????????? where is the intelligence in this. This is like going and buying 599 1 dollar lottery tickets. You have a 1/100,000 chance of getting your money back and a 1/1,000,000 chance of making a profit and hitting that Bush/Young/Leinart ect.. Auto. PLEASE people, for the love of god, stop buying this rediculious crap and making topps FILTHY STINKING RICH off your blood sweat and tears. That is all. Good day.

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    Lol, I dont think TOPPS has a pack THAT expensive out yet. Confused with National Treasures Perhaps?

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    who cares? there is a market and demand for these items. Just because you won't/can't afford to buy these packs doesn't mean that people shouldn't buy them. The soap box post is pretty pointless.

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    yeah where is that listed? it smells of upper deck....

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    asujbl - the fact that you replied to the gentleman's post in the manner which you did is even more pointless IMO. Its what were all here to talk about. If you dont want to talk about it, move on.

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    Upper Deck's Exquisite Already Broke the $800 - $900 Barrier, from its $500 Per Pack SRP. Lol. National Treasures Packs to my knowledge, are still $550 - $600 per off the original $500 SRP.

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    I have every right to respond since his post is directed at collectors such as myself.

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    Topps is making a "high end" product to be release for competition with Exquisite and National Treasures .. it's called Paradigme (SP?). MSRP is around $599 and I am in agreement with Rag, it is absolutely rediculous that people would pay this money for cardboard!?!?

    Go check out the beckett message boards in box/pack breaks and see just how many people are blowing insane money on these products though!!

    Take a look at this auction .... if you think $599 is bad, this guy got lucky and bought one box of exquisite ... when he opened the outside wrapper ... he discovered ......

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    I have a right to express my opinion. If you go on ebay and search National Treasures Hobby Box you will find that it contains one pack with 7 cards. 6 of those cards are autos or gu. They are selling from 500-600 on most cases. I am sorry, I make good money in a good job but have much better things to blow my money on (like my house, car, wife, ect....). I don't diss those that buy this but I really think it is feeding topps to make their products more expensive.

    Watch that exquisite collection pack be ALL BRAD SMITH or Kevin McMahon.

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    The thing I don't get about packs, boxes, or a nice shiny box with four cards in it that sell at this price is the horrible loss the buyers take... I've been picking up Bowman Sterling jersey and autograph cards for $3-4 on eBay and I've been watching National Treasures auctions end at the same price.

    I realize that part of it is bad timing - the normal collector isn't going to watch every auction and they may miss something nice that comes along, someone new to collecting may not even know that National Treasures is out so they might not search for it and auctions for Bears or Colts right now are getting more hits than probably any other player/team - but still, an average Joe who buys an expensive box of cards is figuring on turning around and at least making 70% of his money back (at least I assume that's the mindset when plunking down hundreds of dollars).

    Typically, I don't see these people making back their money. Not even a fraction of it.

    I also realize that part of the appeal is the chance at landing a low-numbered Bush or Young card, but it's a big gamble and you have to be willing to accept the fact that the next guy who comes along is going to get that card while you'll be stuck with base or "premium" cards of guys who don't demand premium prices.

    I was talking to one of my other collector friends about this yesterday. I think a better investment would be certified game used or autographed memorabilia... You know what you're getting and that stuff will hold value just as well as cardboard. You can also find it much cheaper than what some of these cards sell for.

    I don't know, this all probably stems from me not being able to justify spending a few hundred dollars on something you might turn around and sell for only $50. Part of it is because I just don't have the money to spend, and part of it is because there are much surer ways to invest your money if you're looking to profit.

    Which, of course, brings us back to the "fun" and "collecting" aspect of football cards. Isn't that why we're all here?

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